Would you want a change that resulted in death just to fit in?

Source: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2013/10/18/formerly-conjoined-twin-dies/

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According to ABC news, A’zhari and A’zhiah were formerly conjoined twins, but on October 13, 2013, after 6 months of separation, A’zhari died. The cause of death is not released to the public. The news said that the family does not want the public to know so the hospital is withholding the information. But, to me, this action only increased the interest of others.

The biggest question: Should the twins have been separated?

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Was it the fault of the family who separated them even though the chance of one of the twins would die was already given just so the formerly conjoined twins could have a “normal life”?

Or was it the doctors’ fault? The doctors who wanted to have achieved an accomplishment of being able to performed a critical surgery ignored the chance of the survival for the twins?

In my opinion, the twins shouldn’t have been separated. Were they about to die if they did not get separated? God had made them that way and God had given them breaths, so who are we to separate them?

I can understand the parents’ view of wanting their twins to have a normal life, a life that people will not stare at either of them when they go out in public. But is that ideal of a view worth losing a daughter over?

Did they not think of how A’zhiah would feel when she grows up and finds out that the surviving rate for either of them was low? She could come to be afraid of her own parents, because this is ultimately the parents’ decision–which I don’t even doubt since it is the parents who must sign the consent to operate form. In other words, you lost one daughter to death and the other is afraid of you. Is being normal even worth this much anguish, this ironically horrid outcome?

What is being normal anyway? If they could live as they were, then why changed for the better that involved a risk? Why did they have to be greedy and gambled to lose when to win was to have done nothing?

In all seriousness though, I’m mad that this tragedy happened when it could have not been. I mean, it’s the life of an innocent baby girl! There are many things  in this world that can be used to take a chance, to gamble with the odd, but to do so with a life should never be on the list.




3 thoughts on “Would you want a change that resulted in death just to fit in?

  1. Ernest

    Based off the article we cannot say that the child passed away due to the surgery. It can be inferred but since the information is not public we do not know. I believe that the parents most likely had the infants best interests at heart when the decided to separate them. They would have had a very difficult life especially in this image based society we live in. It’s sad that a child was list and I do not mean to be cold but children die everyday, it’s just life. At least the main goal was to make these girls live an easier life. I restate that we do not know cause of death. I remember you blogged about a man who was divorcing his wife for birthing an ugly daughter, what an idiot. In that blog you stated that the daughter could get plastic surgery like her mother did. If you supported a purely cosmetic surgery that would risk the child’s life why not support this one, which was meant to enrich the twins lives? Instead of being normal, since everyone is different, we can say the parents may not have wanted their children to be outcasts. And we don’t know if the main reason for the operations was due the health reasons.

  2. Nicholas Smith

    I believe the family had the best interests for their children. I also believe they went through with this procedure so that their children may have an easier life, as opposed to a normal one. Now whether or not it is moral to gamble with your child’s life is a different story, but if the parent felt that it was in their children’s best interest and is looking to aid in said children’s life than who’s to say what they should do, it’s their children anyway.

  3. Anthony

    I don’t believe that the family decided to separate the two just in order for them to fit in; I believe that the family had the best intentions. Being conjoined twins brings a lot of health issues that can and or will occur over their lifespan and I can’t help but think that the family wanted to avoid some of those. My biggest thought is that, they wanted their children to have an easy life, they didn’t want them to have to grow up with people looking and pointing at them everywhere they go like some circuit act. I don’t fault the parent’s one because we don’t know the cause of death it could have been from a spider bite that’s what we don’t know, some people would say that the parents gambled with their children life but I can’t bring myself to believing that, I look at it like they were trying to enhance the lives of their children’s future.


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