Would you propose?

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Today, i was watching the Love and Hip Hop marathon. There is a lot to be said about reality tv shows already. The incident that peeked my intreats was when Jim Jones’s girl friend Chrissy, proposes to him. Now, i know we live in the 21st century and all, but that was something that  i could not fathem myself doing. Not simply because i feel that it is the man responsibility to do the proposal, but for a number a reason. Number one would be, i would feel as if im making the decision for us. i believe that a man will proposal when HE feels he is ready for that next step. Since it is known that women mature faster then men, what if im ready and he’s not. This brings me to point number two. What if he says no? That would utilmatly crush someone, male or female. However, i feel as if it is highly more likely for a man to reject a woman’s proposal. Which brings me to number three, a man can become threaten by a woman proposal. It can be perceived a lot of ways. “He was taking too long”, “he did not have the nerve”, these are the thoughts that crossed my mind while watching the episode, so i can only imagine those of the man. this may not be a huge controversy, but it is interesting to see how the roles of woman are still changing today. Not only are woman continuing to be the head of their households, but it is evident that they are also  taking the leadership roles in their relationships. i do not think women should not have the option to propose to their loved ones. Times are most certainly changing. what do you think?

How do you feel about women proposing?

Ladies, would you propose?

Gentlemen, how would you feel if a woman proposed to you? would you accept?

3 thoughts on “Would you propose?

  1. JerMarkus

    Lazette, Black Women/Men Relationships should be at the forefront of every round-table dicussion.

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    I would have to agree with you when you say times are changing. It is traditonal that a man proposes to his woman. Women do mature quicker than men but by at a certain point in life us men are to do away with the childish acts and step up and take leadership. Not saying that woman can’t take leadership roles, because its evident they have already whether it was voluntarty or involuntary. But its the masculine and the right thing to do. Men are to provide for his family, point blank period.

    what ever happen to the fathers who provided?
    whatever happen to the brothers who in their kids lives?

    It all starts with questions that needs answers,

    this is why young men are not relationship literate or know how to treat a lady.

    But us men are no longer the head of the household, it is now the woman. most young men are abandoing their families, similar to how their fathers and grandfathers left, and this is beginning a cycle of young men who are illiterate when it comes to relationships and and how to treat a woman. young men in today’s society are caught up in hip-hop lyrics and the streets that we lose them to Private prisons who must meet their quota to keep its business afloat, unfortnately some young men are killed daily due to neagtive lifestyles.

    I would have to say absolutely no to a woman propsing to a man, its a role that WE as men must feel and sisters if the brother is not ready to fufill his duty as a man than you should be questioning your relationship.

  2. Whitney

    I personally believe that if a female proposes, it’s equally amazing. It’s very rare that a female proposes to her man, but it happens. We are so accustomed to seeing that strong man taking over and getting on one knee, asking that magical question, but when a strong woman asks that magical question, she should be seen just as in love as that man who would propose. The only thing that would be questionable is if the man is actually comfortable with that. Many men have huge egos and may feel as if she is trying to wear the pants in the relationship. I can remember when I asked my ex-boyfriend how would he feel if I was to propose, he said he’d love that…I’M SURE HE WAS LIEING. Lol
    If that day would have come, I’m sure he would have froze up first, then said “Yes, but get your a$$ up off of the floor.” lol

    The role of a man, based on society is to be very masculine, a provider, strong minded, and ultimately the one who calls the shots in the relationship. As you mentioned, we are living in the 21st century, so instead of the man doing all of that, the woman should also be able to pick up the slack, vice versa. I believe it’s sexy when a woman takes on a man’s role, so if a woman decides to propose, the man should be honored and of course, accept. It’s also sexy when a man cooks for his woman and makes sure she’s comfortable. The issue with a woman proposing to a man is solely based on societal norms. “A woman can’t propose to her man because it’s just not how it goes!” Says who? It should be based on the dynamic of that particular relationship.


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