When Nature Becomes Garbage

Phi Phi Islands 308

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Phi Phi Island is an island in the south of Thailand. It is one of Thailand’s attractions. Blue sky and clear crystal clear water—it is a tropical paradise. Although it does have many typhoons (and sometimes tsunami) in the summer, but that fact won’t discourage tourists who seek a paradise that resembles Hawaii but charges only 1/3 of Hawaii’s price.   

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Now, tourists bring in business for the locals who live there, which is a good thing. However, many of these tourists have no sense of respect for the place others people live at all. Just look at the picture below!  


When I went to Phi Phi Island 2 summers ago with a friend, this was the site that first greeted us when the ship docked. We had to walk to our hotel on the hill, but on our way, we had to pass through a hill of smelly trash!

I was too beyond upset so I wasn’t able to take pictures, and my friend didn’t want the pictures of an ugly surrounding either. But after we talked to the hotel staffs, we were directed to another beach, about 30 minutes walk away, on the other side of the island—a private beach owned by the other hotels. That beach was absolutely like the first picture, just without the ships.

We questioned the staffs why there was so much trash; their response was that “tourists” and that “you were charged for the trash picked up, yes?”

We said, “Yes, we paid like about 1 dollar each, but still why so much trash?”  

“It can’t be helped. We need workers to tend to customers.”

I think I understood:  their lives are hard so they focus on how to survive more.

But it’s still upsetting to know that the island will eventually be a pile of trash if this keeps up.

A possible solution if the island is closed for a week or so. They can just get bulldozer trucks to pick up the trash along the beach and clear the hill of trash I saw (located further inside). Afterward, they can resume their businesses.

And then enforces a rule that whoever litters the newly clean beach would be fine 100 USD and banned from the island or get jailed in Thailand prison for a few weeks. I heard that Thailand’s prison is no joke, so with this much of strictness, the island can be saved.     


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