Whats wrong with genetically altered food?

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Genetically engineered food is a major part of Americans diet today. Over 80% of all processed foods are genetically engineered in the United States. These foods include grains, legumes like soybeans and soy products, vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat and even infant formula is genetically engineered. Labeling is prohibited therefor consumers don’t know what they’re eating, yet there is danger. Genetically altered foods are dangerous to the public because they aren’t naturally and contain pesticides.

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People are kept “out of the loop” about what goes into most of these genetically altered foods. There is no known reverse to contamination of agriculture in the United States. Today, people eat these foods without knowing the risk. Jeffrey Smith explained in his book “Seeds of Deception” that efforts to inform the public have been stopped repeatedly and considers what happened to two scientists; UC Berkeley’s Ignacio Chapela and former Scotland Rowett Research Institute researcher and plant genetic modification expert, Arpad Pusztai. They were vilified for their research, and in the case of Pusztai, fired from his job for doing it. These scientist were conducting studies on the problems of genetically altered food.

Pusztai believed in genetically mutated foods, was commissioned to study them, and conducted the first ever independent study on them. Pusztai was shocked by his findings, he fed rats genetically mutated potatoes which in return gave the rats smaller livers, hearts, testicles and brains, damaged their immune systems, and promoted structural changes in their white blood cells making them more vulnerable to infection and disease compared to other rats fed non-genetically mutated potatoes. These rats also had spleen damage and altered tissue.

Genetically mutated foods are still not heavily regulated. Some users of genetic mutation are producing these foods without these products on labels. Genetically altered foods are as of yet to be studied on humans but has bad results for animals.

What do you think about genetically altered food?

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