What’s Love Got To Do With It?

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Earlier this week my sorority sisters and I were having conversation about men. It was really interesting because not all of us are into men but still we were all so intrigied in to what each other had to say. For the most part we all agreed on what type of men we like, Tall, Handsome, God-Fearing, Educated, Strong, SEXY (lol), and most of all loving. I being the one who always loves to debate asked “Well does your man have to make more money than you, I myself probably will make more money than my husband (this is just the type of hustle I have) and I don’t mind if I do. You should have seen the faces these girls had when I said that. It was comments like How could he be a man if he can’t provide? My thing is my future husband will provide no ifs,ands, or buts about that. I’m just merly saying that to me it doesn’t matter if I make and extra thousand a month and he doesn’t. As paid attention to what they all had to say I could not help but understand some of us were raised to believe that men are suppose to make more money than their wives. I believe that it is an old way of living. Picture this only men working in america, this world would be so messed up it would’t even be funny. I mean think abouit it us women need to put things in correct orders and sometimes men don’t have the power to do that. Like my mother always says certain things just needs a womens touch for it to be correct or right. Not saying men are incapible well technically I am but we all get the picture of what I am saying.

One thought on “What’s Love Got To Do With It?

  1. Kandice

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    Ayanna, have I told you I love your post, and girly, nothing is wrong with making more money than your man. I the love is their money should never matter. Of course it is a pride thing that a man has where he’s supposed to make more money than the lady, but oh well. Who in the hell cares. These girls who believe that men are supposed to take care of them may need to wake up, I rather have my own than have to depend on a man. And I guess I look at it like that because I come from a household where both of my parents worked. My mother was the nurturing caregiver but she still worked her butt off to provide for my sisters and I. My father still did what he had to do and they hustled together. A man should never question his woman about her income and vice versa. As long as the bills get paid, that’s all that should matter.


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