To accept or not to online pals’ meeting request?

Would you ever meet an online friend in real life?

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I have this blog online for the past few years or so. My blog covers like almost everything under the sun. I don’t give away too much personal information, just that I’m a girl who loves art and things and stuff. I even have an alias, and I’m assuming they are doing the same. On my blog I have met interesting people and we get along pretty well, considering I can go on for hours with them people through IRC just going on from topic to topics. While this isn’t the first time I was asked to meet up with them in person, but I’m really thinking about this meeting since it’s a group meeting instead of a one-to-one like those other offers. The time is this coming summer and the place is Osaka, Japan. This came up after I mentioned that I would be traveling with friends from childhood to Japan for 2 weeks before spending the rest of the summer touring other Asian countries on a tour group—a graduation gift from my parents.

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I’m thinking that it would be okay since some of my traveling companions are guys, and as long as I don’t go alone with any of these people I know online, I should be okay. But I told my best friend (who will be traveling with me too) about it and he looked at me like… (insert a stare down like that of parents vs children here)…. I know that he will be coming with me if I keep begging for it, but the truth is I really don’t know if I really want to go through with all this craziness. My other friends are okay with this; they actually want to meet those people…

It could be dangerous, these online people might be actual perverts or in the human trafficking business people keep telling me about. But what if they turn out to be fun and just like how they are when we talk online? I would really be missing out. Since one of them people is a resident of Osaka, she will be our tour guide too, seeing how she is interested in meeting Americans to try out her English.

I still don’t know. It won’t happen until May of 2014, so I will have plenty of time to think, I guess.

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