the state of education in america today?

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Education is seen as one of the most important things in the world . Knowledge is power and once something is learned is hard for it to be taken away. Many people question the state of education today. Some say it’s in a downward spiral because critical thinking skills are at an all time low and children aren’t learning to read and right at the correct pace. Some say that its hard to judge the intellectual capabilities of children because standardized test are too hard and some. Students aren’t well test takers. Some say that the competition for american children has become tougher in an international setting because countries that were once thought as third world are becoming industrialized.

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My personal view on the state of american education is that it is a prejudice field that is positive for some and is negative for others. I developed this idea because i have attended both prodominently black and white schools and i have noticed the learning materials are better kept and so are the facilities. The instructors attitude toward teaching is also different, the instructors at the majority institution seemed more enthused to teach. I don’ t think its a race issue but i do thing its a money issue.

I think that people that make a larger annual income attend majority white schools while those who are considered poor or in poverty usually attend predominantly black schools.

Id o think that this issue is getting worst over time as the line between between rich and poor gets wider and middle class begins to disappear.

I hope that this trend of a society decreasing its value on education fades and people realize that knowledge is power once again. I also hope that knowledge prejudices disappear. What is you opinion on the current state of education?

2 thoughts on “the state of education in america today?

  1. Kelly Lockett

    Education is a very important issue that maybe being affected today. However I do not agree that teachers who teach at predominately white schools are more enthused to teach. I believe that the teachers enthusiasm and motivation to teach feeds off of the students that they are teaching, not necessarily dealing with the race of the teacher or the students. Students who attend a predominately black schools are most likely those who cannot afford to attend any other schools as you said. With this being said i think that their parents spend majority of their time working and trying to make ends meet and be able to provide that they are not spending the proper amounts of time with their children. Those who have more money and who can afford better schools spend time with their children, teaching them better educational things, behavior, and social skills. These students present a better environment so its easier for the teachers to teach.
    Now days living expenses are higher so people are worker harder. If these are in fact the reasons for children to act the way they are acting in school, then of course education is going to keep declining. I also feel like students and their educational abilities can not be judged by the results on standardized testing. I have taken many forms of standardized test in school from elementary to college and I’ve noticed that some of the materials in each section is not covered in lecture classes. Each school has a different style of teaching, so some things that are on the test may have been learned at one school but not the other. Schools also teach at different pace, so at the point when the test is taken one school maybe have learned it already and the other school may have not.

  2. Whitney

    I too beleive that the lack of true education has become a major problem. I noticed that so many kids are slipping through the cracks, but not all because of the lack of money, but because of the qualifications of a “teacher.” I have twin nephews who were diagnosed with ADHD. My nephews are very intelligent kids but they need instructors who are going to take their time and not rush them through the system just because they believe they can’t learn or because they are either too lazy to take the time to fully explain the material or they are just not as qualified to do the job they are being paid to do.

    I say this because last year they were in two different classes with two different teachers but they received very different treatment from each teacher. One recieved direspectful letters that read “where is his medicine??”, and was constantly reprimanded due to his behavior while the other who also has ADHD actually learned the material and often had good grades. Observing such treatment I have come to the conclusion that it takes a teacher who has the patience and the drive to teach their students. What topped it all of was the fact that they were both allowed to go to the 2nd grade.

    I believe that they were passed to go to the 2nd grade because the teacher just did not want to deal with the hassle of teaching kids who have behavior issues. I guess the importance of education is growing more and more inessential to some people even though at one point the saying “knowledge is power” was once impactful. Now it’s only something we say because it sounds nice.


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