The more we advanced, the less of humane we become

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I pass by some homeless people on my way home and to somewhere every time I go into the city. It just makes me feel bad when I see them. This uncomfortable feeling gets worse in the winter time because I remember that one time I talked to a homeless person; she told me that she needed a dollar and something cents to get into the New Orleans Mission home for homeless people. I can understand why the shelter would charge for money, but to charge the homeless people for money is unreasonable–in my opinion–because they are already homeless! Why would you make them ask other people for money to get into a place that is set out for them to stay on brutal nights?! Don’t you know that some people can barely afford to live from day to day, so why do you even expect them to help others when they can barely help themselves?!

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I know that USA is a country where everyone is for himself or herself, but what about our taxes money?! If we can spent billions of dollars of taxes money on a war that is really not ours to even be in, then why not help our homeless people?!  Just because someone is homeless, does that make that person not a human? Don’t people with a job know that not all of these homeless people have a choice for this type of lifestyle?! Like war veterans, after the war, they are not needed anymore from the military, but then they cannot get a regular job! If we treat people who gambled their lives for ours like this, then doesn’t this say quite something about our nation even without using any word?

It’s just sad how the majority people of today can ignore this because they are so caught up with having the next latest technology at the moment. It feel like for every step we take forward to an advanced future, we would take more than 2 steps backward with our compassion for our fellow humans.

2 thoughts on “The more we advanced, the less of humane we become

  1. Whitney

    I definitely agree with this post. We have forgotten the ups and downs of life because we are so caught up with the accessories of life. We have so many different gadgets that consumes our lives and we continue to forget the people who are less fortunate. America is the land of the free, but we seem to always charge those who have nothing to give. We expect everyone to live according to one another instead of giving someone a helping hand so that he/she is able to get on their feet. I can say that when I see a homeless person I do think if the person is only doing it to get EXTRA money, rather than accepting the money because that’s all the money that they will earn . I have given money to homeless people and I felt great about it, but some people would literally harass, or come off extremely rude to those who are less fortunate.

    America is becoming a place where the rich gets richer, poor gets poorer and those who are forgotten will remain forgotten. As a nation, we need to learn to consider those who don’t live the glamorous life, and actually try to uplift them and not beat them further and further down.

  2. Lazette

    You have made a serious point. Everyone in America has become immune to not helping one another. The fact that a shelter is charging those who are homeless to stay there is beyond disturbing, I have not the slightes clue of the logic behind that. I hope that the person who told you this was not lying because that just sounds crazy. The bigger question is how can we change this, or prevent this from continuing further. We as people have forgotten how to help one another without looking for something in return. I wouldn’t say that this is everyone, but a vast majority of American people are selfish and are selfishly helping the community. Meaning, if they are getting something in return the you have their participation. It shouldn’t be this way in the least bit, however realistically it’s life. We have to start walking in each others shoes. Maybe then we will begin to help a lot more selflessly.


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