The importance of stpry telling



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My family has long been the driving force behind what I do and what I’ve become. We have generations of story tellers that have helped my elders become who they are. As a child, the stories that were told to me were of no importance at the time however, as I got older those same stories began to have messages that were significant and helped me find the person I truly am. The meanings of my family’s stories may not be clear, but the intentions behind them are for the greater good. Although family may not always tell me what I would like to hear, it’s usually in my best interest and situations have the best results when I take the messages from my family’s stories into consideration.

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As a child I was not the best when it came to making decisions. Many of the decisions I made were destructive to me as well as others but I always had my family to correct my destructive behavior. After a fight at school I was on suspended from school and punished. Little did I know my great grandmother whom I felt usually talked of little importance would change my life with a story she told me that day.

My great grandmother Lenora Davis is the matriarch of my family and dealt with some issues I had as a child. As she began to grow she landed herself into situations that turned into stories that helped myself as well as other family members mature. My Grandmothers childhood hood was plagued with bad decisions that were only magnified because of her skin color and the fact that she was raised in the segregated south. One day at school my grandmother got into an altercation with a Caucasian student who threw her books down and told her to pick them up to amuse his fellow classmates. My grandmother retaliated by punching him in the face. Not only did he beat her up, she was expelled from school for the remainder of the school year.

This story made me view my great grandmother in a way that I could better relate to. It also made me evaluate my ten year old self and question whether or not the behavior I exhibited earlier that day at school was appropriate.

Do you think that story telling is still appropriate in today’s society, and if so what kind of stories do you think should be told?

2 thoughts on “The importance of stpry telling

  1. Lazette

    I agree with you Mike, stories play a major role in connetctioning the generations. It’s resourceful to have these people in your life who you can gain knowledge from and be able to apply it somewhere realistically in your life. I feel like there should not be any specific type of stories that should be told. It’s should be situational, for example if something is happening in my life that my grandmother can relate to because of something that has happened in her life, I would love for her to share her experience with me in any aspect. In my opinion, you never know what you will learn from talking to someone. Therefore I firmly believe that telling stories will definitely enhance a persons learning experience. Knowledge of The past Intesfies the future. These stories are enabling future generations to position themselves in a way that should/could only make them better people or provide better outcomes for certain situations. These stories become resourceful and the messages begin to be passed down in families. Therefore creating family traditions as well as things to remember amongst them. Stories are important, people should just choose to continue to share them in today’s society.

  2. Kelly Lockett

    I too see story being a very important tradition that should be kept around. I know personally I love to sit and listen to stories of events that actually happen, and of times before my time. Listening to stories is a great way to learn. My family always tells me that I am talkative, but that is because I love to sit and ask questions that I Know will lead into a story. Once I start asking one questions i usually never stop. My grandmother and grandfather always like to tell us stories because I think that it also makes the feel good about remembering the good times they had. Its nice to listen to how the city as changed, what places they had, what they did for fun and how the prices of things have really changed.
    Story telling is a great way to learn outside of a textbook, or to learn the things that we are not taught in school. Sometimes I am cautious of the things I ask because I know it made me hard to talk about events that happened with people that are no longer in their lives, but my grandparents like to tell it all, especially around the holidays.
    I even like telling stories to people of events that have happened in my life and I haven’t even lived that long to have stories to tell, so I know that once I have grandchild we might as well develop a routine story time.
    Everyone experiences things different or many people may not experience the same events. Story telling is a good way for people to learn of different situations, learn from the mistakes of others, and to learn of things that you may experience but just have not yet. Overall though I think that story telling is interesting, fun, and enjoyable and it is something that should be kept around.


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