The effect of alcohol on children and families

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Drugs and alcohol have proven to alter people’s relationships. Both drugs and alcohol can cause depression and loneliness. People who often drink or use drugs have their mental states altered by these things and sometime act irrationally or not like themselves, this may be an issue for love ones and the people that are around them the most.
Children of alcoholics are proven to develop differently from other children. According to the National Association for Children of Alcoholics. Children of alcoholics are more likely to develop their parents’ problems because their parent are not themselves when they drink. The children of alcoholics usually gravitate to other adults or older adolescents.
I am not a heavy drinker and I do not used drugs as a form of stimulation therefor, I’ll never know what people that use these things heavily go through. My uncle is a heavy drinker and while understand that he is still a human being, some don’t and find him unbearable when he drinks. When he’s sober everyone tries to talk with him and find out what’s wrong with him but no one ever gets far. Although my uncle is a loving person, I know first-hand that people find him hard to deal with when he allows alcohol to alter his state of mind.
Families are often times broken up because of individuals that are heavy users of alcohol or drugs. Some families find that person unbearable or the individual that is an alcoholic or drug addict may bring problems whenever they are stimulated. Do you think that people should be treated differently because they are heavy drug or alcohol users?

2 thoughts on “The effect of alcohol on children and families

  1. JerMarkus

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    My Uncle James who is deceased now had the same problem.
    He was a very heavy drinker and would use them to stimulate his mind, He started using them after the death of his mother and did not look back.
    Back in High School and College, my Uncle was the Star-Player for his numerous basketball teams he would assist and lead his team to countless victories even state- championships in highschool, suddenly he began to influenced by others and took and alternative route.
    He began to go through certain stages where he felt as if we looked at him differently, but our attention towards him was nothuing but pure LOVE and wanting him to relaize that he had to do BETTER.

    We would attend family functions and we would ACT out and it would result in someone being hurt mentally or he would go out and do somethings physically to hurt others.
    Before, he left this life, him and I would have long talks about the future and him putting the bottle of gin down, but GOD knew best for him. he departed thisn life with a heavy heart mssing his mother and also his disappointment with life in general.

  2. Ernest

    I have a cousin who is and alchoholic and it sucks. The reason why is like the people in the post before me he is a great person when he is sober. But for some reason he insists on drinking even though he is aware that he does not hold his liquor well. As a family most of us do not like to deal with him when he is drunk and because of that he has attempted to stop a few times but it doesn’t get far. I believe that this is because he does not really want to be sober for his own sake. His father too is an alchoholic so that is part of the reasoning why we think he has this problem. On top of that his mother passed a few years ago and since some people in our family have been using that as an excuse for his problems. This for a fact is not helping him improve his life. So I think people around those with a problem need to discuss the problem and let it be known and do their best to help.


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