Should kids have and iphone 5s?

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In this day and age (of technology), it seems like everyone has a smartphone. But, really, what should be the age limit for a kid to have a smartphone like an iPhone, because according to the article above at, it is okay for 11 years old to have an iPhone? It’s really troublesome because my 12 years old brother (7th grader) is asking (and won’t stop even for a day) for an iPhone 5s because (directly quoting from him): “All the kids in my school have a smartphone and some are younger than me! I’m left out! You don’t know how I feel! You said I can have one when I get straight A’s! It’s so unfair!”

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As a person who grew up with technology, I can understand his reasoning. However, I didn’t get my first regular phone until I entered high school (in 2006 I think), and that was because I went to a school without bus transportation and needed to phone my mom to pick me up after school. My brother has a bus to his faraway school… and he does have a regular phone to make calls. But he said that he needed an iPhone to talk to his friends about its technologies because “everyone always goes iPhone this or Samsung that and our teacher lets us use smartphones to listen to music in 4th period.” I just looked at him and told him that he can do that on his laptop (which his school provided for all kids) or iPad or iPod (which he never uses). His reply was that it won’t be the same since he can’t face time his friends or talk to it like he could with a iPhone S–which he does regularly with my iPhone 4s at home. I just think that he’s at a showing off phase, or that he’s really addicted to technology–which can become problematic. Maybe, to help keep this issue from expanding, I should just bring him to the temple for a month to show that he can live without wifi and whatever else on the must have list these days.

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Honestly, I think he shouldn’t get one since he’s so forgetful: he might lose it. And we have to get a 2 year contact with one of the 3 carriers that won’t work when we go oversea during the summer because it would be locked to US carrier. His reply was that he can have one of the shops oversea unlocked it, but I told him if anything happened afterward, he won’t be able to get it upgrade. The evil little thing just said that there are ways around that too. Where did he learn this, or is this just his desperation talking?

At the moment, he is still determined to get his iPhone 5s, and I’m still looking at him, trying to decide.


3 thoughts on “Should kids have and iphone 5s?

  1. Kelly Lockett

    I have mixed thoughts when it comes to the question if children should have the latest technology or not. Things like the iPhone 5s and the iPad are very useful and have many educational resources on them, which is why many schools are promoting the use of iPads. However there are a number of reasons why children of young ages should not own this kind of technology. The first reason being that the devices are so delicate and can be easily broken. Children are careless and most likely will not take the proper care of an iphone 5s so it not really worth paying all that money for it ( because it is very expensive, especially to fix) if it is not going to be taken care of.
    The next reason being that children are given to much access with the iPhone 5s. There is all kinds of apps, access to internet sites not under parental control, and access to other people.If the parents are not closely monitoring the children then there are many bad things that the children can be getting into. I also think that it serves as a disadvantage to purchase such high technology for children because it spoils them and gives them nothing to work toward. High priced things such as an iphone should be something children set goals toward to be able to get in the future.
    My 4 year niece has an ipod and also and iPad, but everything is restricted except for the apps that we download for her. The reason being is because when she first received them she played on youtube and saw some videos that was not appropriate for a 4 year to see. But after applying the restrictions the apps that she is allowed to use helped her a lot in school. So as you can see from my reply, im kind of torn in between whether children should or should not have an iphone 5s. Having and not having it has its pros and its cons.

  2. Whitney

    I believe that technology has interfered with the natural learning process. I’m 20 years old and I feel very handicapped when I do not have my phone. I feel as if my phone is my Merriam Webster’s dictionary, encyclopedia, gps and everything else you could possibly think of that could enable me to feel a bit more intelligent. I do not agree with kids having cell phones at all let alone having an iPhone 5s.

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    The crazy things that are so accesible nowadays are scary when they are found by minors. I understand that we can not hide kids from the world, but a cell phone in many cases can be a gateway to negativity in children. Cell phones are very useful when it comes to kids using them to keep in touch with their family but it takes a responsible kid to use it wisely.

    When sepaking of an iPhone 5s, they break tremendously easy. They are so expensive and once a kid gets a hold of one and break it, the parent is the one paying for it. If all kids were responsible and trustworthy, I’d say,” why not?”, but since kids are just what they are, kids I’d say “hell no!, let’s get you a Boost Mobile or no phone at all!”

  3. Ernest

    Kids will be kids and they will want to fit in and have what the others around them want. I think that it would be too early for your little brother to have such an expensive phone. It’s something he should work up to, esp if he has an ipad and other devices that pretty much take care of the needs in his argument. I am very against getting children technology that is too advance for them. Especially because I am known as a tech guy. My godson has received several games that are too advanced for him to a point where I know for a fact that he does not know what’s going on with them. Partly because he is unable to read and most games have reading components to them. At the same time he asks for and usually gets games that are rated much older than his age. I am not his parent so I have no say so over what he gets with exceptions to the things I buy him. I offer my advice but in the end it is his parents decision. He also has had a game stolen from him by a grown person before, he was 4 or 5 at the time. The game was a Sony PSP that I knew and said he was not ready for. He also has an iPod and I’m not even sure he listens to music. I do think it is perfectly fine to give children what they want if they deserve it and it is age appropriate or is fitting for their maturity level. I know we all want to give our loved ones the best but there should be a line. There are a few things I know I’ve asked for that I wasn’t ready for and I’m happy my mother didn’t reward me with it or got the age appropriate version.


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