School Dreams

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Lately I think that I am slowly going more insane. I mean, I kept dreaming of school works whenever I got the chance to sleep more than 5 hours. My first dream was about my Korean teacher giving me an essay to write. I wrote it in English, but then she told me that I must redo it and it must be written in complete Korean. I remember checking my phone immediately after waking up from that dream to see if she had sent me any message like that. Then my most recent dream involved this class. I dreamed that Ms Homan sent me an email telling me to redo my portion on the essay for my group because whatever I had written was unbearable. The funny part was that the me in my dream told my friends that I would rather go deal with the giant spider than redo that essay. I think that me thought that I would have had a living chance with the spider, or that me really had lost it. What really was scary was that after I took a shower that day, I saw an email by Ms Homan on my phone. You wouldn’t believe how relieved I had felt when I found out that it wasn’t her telling me to redo my part on the essay because really, there isn’t a giant spider for me to take on since I’m awake. Lol.

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But anyway, in general, what I really don’t like about school is that teachers keep giving students pile after pile of works when finals near. I mean, why are they torturing the students like this? When finals approach, all of the teachers told the students that there is a final project that is worth like 10 to 20% of the overall grade (if there is no final exam for their class). And as a student who relies on academic scholarship, I cannot afford to slack off on any of the given projects.  

The worst part is that sometimes those final projects are due on the same day. I wonder why teachers must do that? Couldn’t they space out the due dates?!  

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It’s not really funny when I’m stuck trying to finish each of those projects, but when I’m done with all those projects and had my many hours of sleep, I would be okay and laugh at the me who had lived on coffee and tugging hair to stay awake.

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