Sacrifice is Important

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A relationship involving two people cannot be selfish if the two people want to be a successful couple. Equal sacrifices have to be made by both people in the relationship for it to grow and survive. There must be some sacrifices made by the mother and father in order for a strong and
stable family bond.  All relationships endure hardships, the things that make or break the relationship is how the issue is handled. Everyone has his or her own idea of what it takes to create the best family. Some believe the individuals have to sacrifice for the whole family, while others believe sacrifice will eventually tear the family apart. I believe the sacrifices made by the mother and father will not only build a better bond, but also, ‘build’ a better child. In my own life I hope to endeavor moments where my wife and I do not agree, but we can come to a compromise through equal sacrifice.Things happen in life that causes people to stress. Stress is a killer and if it’s not handled right it will murder your soul and anyone around you. Building “that” bond with “that” right person only seems like the right thing to do. The process of going about that is a totally different and rougher story. Only you know what qualities you would want your future girlfriend/boyfriend to have. “Till death do us part” and “for better or for worse” is only meaningful when you those words are taken seriously. I support the idea of sacrifice because it shows how much a person is willing to have your back and take care of you knowing you will do the same in return and not in vain. The value of family is important and weight that concepts holds is heavier than what most of us can only observe at home or on television.

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