Race and Ethnic Similarities

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Ethnicity and race are very much alike even they have different meanings. Race focuses on physical appearance that is hereditary. Race has to do with some ones hair, eyes, skin color etc… While ethnicity has to do with one’s culture. Ethnicity deals with how people speak, religion and language. Race and ethnicity are very similar, people are grouped into categories based on both.
Race has caused many issues in the world. One of these issues includes the Jewish Holocaust. Millions of Jewish people were killed by the Nazi government in Germany and Germany territories during World War 2. Jewish people were killed because of their race. Although their norms were insulted by the Nazi government, individuals were killed because of their “Jewish” appearance. In order to look like a Jewish person it has to be inherited from someone’s family. People that looked Caucasian were able to disguise themselves as white and were able to escape.
Ethnicity has also caused a group of people to be oppressed. Slaves were taken from Africa to countries like Spain, America and South America. Slaves were taken to these places to work but eventually began to fight for the right to be free in these countries. In America after slavery was abolished blacks were still treated like they were less than their white counterparts. All of Africa isn’t the same race. Northern Africans have more a Middle Eastern but were still treated badly because of the color of their skin.
Jewish people and African Americans were treated badly by the Nazi and American governments. Jewish People were grouped together because of their race while Blacks were grouped together based on ethnicity. People with the same race are usually of the same ethnicity. Individuals of the same race are usually from the same regions of the world. Cultural values are usually the same in the same regions.
Now that you may have a clearer understanding of how they tie into one another which do you take more pride in?

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