Post College For An Art Major

(Discretion Advised: Rash Language, Pleighbaw/Pleigh-Guhh)

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   After college I’d like to go to grad school. And if that doesn’t work out as soon as i’d like it to, I’m planning to open an art supply store in the gentilly area to service local artists and students from Dillard, UNO, SUNO, etc. seeing as there are none presently in the area. I’d like to continue working as an artist but I gotta get outta my folks crib without working at some bullshit job with a Bachelor’s degree. So if I gotta open a supply shop to live, I’ll make sure to save some space in the shop to use as my studio and just get it how I live, pleighbaw. Straight up, bruh. Over the last two and a half years of teaching i’ve discovered that I just aint got the patience to teach art to no ignorant-ass students that are uninterested. All I could think about was how much I’d rather be working on my own pieces instead of letting my mind idle to show lil Tyrone how to craft some “lil art shit” right quick. Hell naw, man! I’m more than that.

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    I’m looking into UNLV, FSU, NYU, OTIS, Louisville, Penland School of the Arts, and Tennessee State grad school programs. And so far, UNLV is looking real good. The area itself is bustling with entertainment traffic, and entertainers are the people that i want to see my work. And the facilities look pretty badass too. That being said, These grad schools wont even bat a blind eye at some last minute throw together lackluster work, so I’ve been taking my time to research, study, experiment, and most importantly, work on the pieces that I’ve been working on and hope and pray that I’m good enough.

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