Media on Girls Self Esteem


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I thought this group did a great job with addressing the effects of media on girls’ self-esteem and how it’s not good how the media thinks it’s okay to let girls feel like it’s okay to live this false life. Michael gave great background information on how media has come a long way and what’s the way to describe beauty has changed overtime. I personally feel that media has a strong impact on the way girls feel about themselves. Fashion and the way you should look evolve every day. One minute, natural beauty is acceptable, and then the next minute you should have a bunch of makeup on your face looking like Krusty the Klown. I know as a female, I’ve even fallen into the hype of media influencing me. I’ll be honest, sometimes watching the videos of certain songs do make me want to change things. But then I realized that I’m comfortable in the skin I’m in and keeping up with the Joneses takes money and time. Girls and guys need to understand that this media world is not real. Those people are sometimes photo shopped and that’s not even their real bodies. I love the way Antonio had SoundBites of people that go to Dillard, and how they feel about media as well. It’s always good to get a second opinion on how someone feels about the same topic as you. Women need to know that we are all created in different sizes, colors, shapes, and everyone has something about them that makes them different, so why would you want to look like the next person. It’s really something to think about but overall, the group’s presentation was good, with really informative information about media affecting young women. Being a women myself, I felt like I could relate to this topic, so kudos to group 2.

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