Kids and Family Guy

Is it okay for a 12 years old to watch Family Guy?

Right now, my little brother is watching Family Guy and seems to be enjoying it way too much.

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I don’t know how much he understands, but he adores Stewie. In this episode, in the beginning, when the host, of the game show the Griffin goes to, asks Louis what is your favorite holiday? Stewie answers that it was nine eleven. My brother thinks it is funny how mean Stewie can be.

In this episode, there is hint of sex between Peter and Louis as well as Peter and others.

I don’t think this is good for him to watch, but I’m not our mom so I can’t really say what he can and cannot watch.

Anyway, he already finished all the episodes of Futurama and is on his way to complete American Dad as well.

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He is turning out to be really evil, but he is not harming anyone except being so cheeky with his words. I don’t really see the harm of watching these shows for him so far except that these shows are giving him a sense of the adult world a little too soon.

But as long as he knows that it is not okay to stab someone like Bender or hijack a car like Stewie or whatever other crazy stuff those shows promote, then I guess I won’t have to tell my parents to ban him because I had watched these shows when I was a kid too and I still turned out okay. That was, back then, even though I was watching all of these shows, I didn’t really understand most of the stuff that was going on. I wonder just how much of the situation can he understand.


2 thoughts on “Kids and Family Guy

  1. Ernest

    Hey Cali a subject like this really depends on the maturity and sense of self your protest currently has. Family guy, futurama, and American dad are funny but I don’t know if they are appropriate for a child his age. I myself did watch family guy and futurama when I was younger but I was mature enough to do so. I am sure that many young children watch South Park a show that is worse in my opinion that those others. As long as your little brother is not lost to reality he will be fine. If your remember from my presentation the repetitiveness of television can cause viewers to think that some things are real. So you may have to be careful but I’m sure he will be fine. Most children of this current time are being exposed to more adult situations at a younger age.

  2. Joy Green

    I love love love that show, I look at it every night at 10pm, never miss it. But it does have its down falls, but it’s just so funny, I don’t believe anyone really care how messed up the concept can be sometime. Now South Park was a whole other ball game. Some of the things on that show where too out of line. I would have to say Stewie is my favorite on the show, but I have never put my son in front the TV to ever to look at family guy. Well I guess one reason why is because it comes on too late at night, and the actions can sometimes go over board as well. I also feel as if your kid know right from wrong it should not really be a problem as long as they know it’s just TV. Now as fare as the language, no one would want their child to talk like that. Stewie talks to Lowes all kind of ways, but she never understands him anyway.


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