How old is too old for “childhood” things?

Am I too old for a Teddy Bear?

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I’m 22 years old right now, but recently I got myself a life size teddy bear. He’s all fuzzy and soft and just adorable! I was so happy after I got him from Rouse that I took a picture of him and showed it to my classmates the day after.

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Ernest was so mean; he told me that I’m too old for that thing and something about “it ain’t real” and I told him to shut up or something along those lines. But that was just Ernest, so I just ignored him.

My other classmates said it was okay or showed no difference.

But then my mom saw it and said, “My God, are you a child?”

Well, my brother is 12 years old and he still sleeps with his little penguin and Yoshi and Pokemon stuffed animals–was my reply.

She just walked away…. and then she told her friends about it and they had a good laugh at me. I made note to put extra spicy pepper in their food the next time they come and eat at my house.

And then yesterday I found out that my friend’s mom still has beanie babies. She has had them for 30 something years, so I felt better.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I don’t think that there needs to be an age limit to when one must stop liking things from childhood. I’m not harming anyone with liking my teddy bear, so stop laughing at me. It’s annoying. But these kind of words I cannot say to them because it’s rude…. Okay, I really don’t care if it’s rude. I would have said it if my mom would still cook for me if I made rude comments to he friends.

Why do I have to be so unfortunate to have these type of people around me?!

Why can’t they just be okay that I’m happy with my bear and not planning their demise?!

Really, people these days are too much!






5 thoughts on “How old is too old for “childhood” things?

  1. Ernest

    Cali I hope you didn’t take that seriously. You probably didn’t since you said you ignored me. I still play pokemon games. I read manga, in Asia is okay to do both of these but it isn’t here in the states. It is widely known that I am a very picky eater to the point where you can compare me to a spoiled child. In fact it’s almost 5 and I’ve been eating junk food and candy since around 10/11 this morning. If you like something considered childish or are still interested in things from your childhood it’s totally fine. As long as it does not form an addiction or hinder your responsibilities as an adult then it’s fine. You can tell me that I’m too old to watch cartoons and I wouldn’t give a second thought. Go watch my Petey Greene post and be yourself.

  2. Whitney

    I believe that it is ok to still have “childhood things”. Many people believe that as you get older, some things should no longer be interesting to you. Items such as barbies, building blocks, tonka trucks,etc. are all things that people feel have dates on them. For the longest time I felt like I could not sleep without some source of light. I know that light isn’t a “childhood thing” but it is something that many adults believe should not be needed when it’s time for bed. Me on the otherhand felt more comfortable with a “night-light” up until highschool and I know other people my age who still sleep with a night-light, and I’m 20 years old.

    No matter if it is a teddy bear your grandma got you or a night-light, if it makes you comfortable, why not? The only time I feel that the “childhood things” should be put away, is when you have met someone and you get married. At that point it will be a bit inappropriate to cuddle with a stuffed animal because you have found someone else who makes you comfortable, and it would be a tad bit creepy to hold on to something like that.

  3. Kelly Lockett

    I agree that an age limit should not be put of things. Matter of fact I think that that is one of the major issues that society faces. Everyone is in such a rush to be grown or do and say things that grown ups say. Children are becoming so advanced at such a young age that they are not cherishing the simplicity of childhood. It is so easy being a child and only having the responsibility of keeping up with that teddy bear we love to sleep with at night. I do no think that owning your life size teddy bear makes you any less of an “adult” or any less responsible . Many people keep collections of things from their childhood until the day they die. Maybe if your life was focused around toys or if owning this bear stopped you in some way from growing up, but it does not. It is just you simply owning something that you like. Whats the difference from purchasing a piece of furniture that you really like, or sleeping with a favorite pillow. All through high school i kept my bed decorated with tinker bell covers because I like her from childhood, and i’m sure many people thought that that may have been childish. My boyfriend and I also wore matching batman backpacks.
    People will always pass judgement on things that doesn’t seem “normal” to them so that shouldn’t bother you. I feel as though as long as it is not stopping you from being mature when needed and becoming a responsible adult then so be it. As far as wanting to tell the adults that made a joke out of it something I don’t think that it should even bother you. You should let people think and feel however they want to as long as it does not effect you.

  4. Kieasha

    I see no problem with having comforting things from your childhood. In our society we’re expected to grow up so fast, gain responsibility, and start our own lives. Then we’re expected to do it all before our thirties, so we aren’t able to enjoy the small things. I love that you spontaneously bought a teddy bear on some random weekday night. It shows that you still have your innocence. Most people I’ve encountered have lost their innocence before they even reached the age of twenty-one. I’m glad that you’re still looking for joy out of life.
    Not too long ago I went on a date with my boyfriend. We couldn’t decide if we wanted to go to the movies or out to eat. We do those things so much, it becomes boring. Somehow we ended up at the park climbing the jungle-gym, bouncing on the teeter-totter, and grinning from ear to ear. All while families were around giving us strange faces. I enjoyed myself regardless of what anyone else thought of us. So I say ignore the people that don’t understand your joy. It’s a blessing that you have something so sweet and innocent that they don’t.

  5. Lazette

    I think it’s sweet that you still like/keep things from childhood . I too, still have somethings from childhood , my Winnie the Pooh Bear specially, is something I brung to college with me. No, it’s not childish in my opinion, I feel like it’s something that reminds me of better days when I’m having a hard one, and its simply comforting all together. I don’t believe people should make fun of others because of the things they choose to use for comfort. In all honesty it’s your own personal choice if you still keep your attachment with it. I’m not sure if people are laughing at you because of envy or ignorance. I can agree with you when you say that those comments bother you, I get annoyed with those who dislike my stuffed animals or keep safes that I choose to have. I politely remind them that these things are mine and mine alone. Sometimes I choose wordier vocabulary, but that depends on the person. I would say don’t let it bother you and continue to live the things that make you happy. I know I do.


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