How do you feel about Rap Music?

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Hip Hop has been a major musical genre in the United States spawning some of the world’s best-selling artist like Tupac, Jay-z, Eminem and Kanye West. This Genre was introduced in the late 1970’s as a form of story-telling like the blues or country music, it wasn’t until the earl 1980’s did hip hop receive it’s sort of rhyming and “word play” attribution. Hip Hop began to blossom in the 1980’s with act’s like Run DMC and Kool Moe D merging their music with already popular genres, rock and r and b. In the late 1980’s rap began to take a turn towards a more violent and misogynistic turn with the introduction of “west coast” rap which include artist like Ice Cube, Snoop Dog and Ice Tea.

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In the 1990’s Hip Hop or not the more preferred term “rap” boomed many female rappers also staked their claim on the rap industry like Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. Hip Hop by this had received a negative image. The language in rap music could be described as “vulgar and obscene”. In the 2000’s hip hop music kept this conception and while many don’t let their children listen to rap music some simply see it as a freedom of expression.

My experiences with rap music have been good experiences. I was brought up on this type of music and was raced in some of the same environments as some of these people therefor I understand the music and can relate to some of the music. I feel that those who shun rap music are those that do not understand and may just see it as “ranting or raving.” Hip Hop or as what some may refer to as rap is growing in popularity. How do you feel about rap music and would you let your child listen to it? Also do you feel that rap music has gotten away from its’ roots?

3 thoughts on “How do you feel about Rap Music?

  1. Joy Green

    I love rap music, my mom can not stand it. I remember when I was 7 I went behind her back and brought a rap mix CD. When she found it she had a fit and the cover on the album only made matters worse. Now many people might think how did a 7 year old child get a hold of a rap mix cd. Well the man in the beauty shop sold it to me for 3$. So I used my snack money. But rap was not as off the wall back then like it is now. On the other hand everything around us is evolving into more worldly typ things every day.

    1. Joy Green

      Its would be nice if rap artist took more responsibility for there music and actions in their videos. But most rap artist feel as if there is a statement that need to be made. And that’s money, power, and respect. Rap music will never be the same. Byt as fans we can take it or leave it. But as long as we keep parental control over the little ones that like rap everything should be fine. Plus there is always the clean albums at Walmart ……

  2. Ernest

    I like rap music and think that it is awesome. A lot of people think that rap doesn’t deserve to have separate genres of rap but I like that idea. This I think would help with people as seeing all rap music as bad. But I think that rap like other genres has to go through its stage of being disliked by many and used as the scapegoat. Rap has not gotten away from its roots I would say that it is still being shaped or is in a state of evolution. When I ride with my young cousins I put on the radio or put in one of my pop cds. But this isn’t because I don’t want them to hear rap it’s more about the cursing. I’m sure they hear that language at home but it’s not my place to expose them to it.


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