Do myths still help shape cultures

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Myths are stories that explained how things work when there’s no explanation for them. Before there were printing presses or any form of written language people could only relay experience through stories. This is why The Woman Who Fell From the Sky and As it Was in the Beginning are important tools that may be used to give insight on what life was like for Native Americans during that time.

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The story of the Woman Who Fell from the Sky is one of creation. It talks about how a woman who lived in heaven was pushed through the hole of an uprooted tree and created earth. A woman was given credit for creating earth and woman also held chief positions in their tribes. This story gives an explanation of how earth was created and promotes the idea of matriarchy which was a common ideology at the time.

As it was in the Beginning is told during a time when settlers are beginning to convert Native Americans into Christians. The idea of Christianity was a thing that both intrigued and scared them.” My father and I hated it; we feared it, we dreamt of it, we trembled at it.” This is an ideal that was common at the time; the idea of Christianity confused many Native Americans. Esther also fell in love with Laurence; an old playmate of hers. Although they were in love Laurence was not allowed to marry Esther because she was a Native American. Her people were seen as wild pagans. Laurence referred to Esther as a “snake”. This is also common idea at the time, that Native people were barbaric.

After reading this myth for a different class i began to think about the importance of myths in todays society. Myths help give insight in things that went on in different times, a lot like my last post but it’s not about story telling it’s about myths. Ancient cultures enjoyed myths and spread them through out the world. Does today’s society still care about myths?

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