Changing People

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Why are people so focus on changing other people? I never understood the reason as to why you think you have to change someone to make your self comfortable with that person?
This past weekend my good friends and I were out celebrating my new accomplishment in life (becoming a Devastating Diva of DST) we were laughing and having a good time until a new friend to the group decided to ask my cousin Maci and long time friend Terrioues when will they become a couple! Now let me feel you in on this story Terrioues, Maci and I having been knowing each other since way back in the day and Maci and Terri are best friends but Terri loves her more than that and yes, you guessed it she doesn’t feel the same. It’s kind of like a Lifetime Tv Show or movie. I hate it becasue I’m stuck in the middle of their lovers battle or whatever. Maci being the outspoken young she is , responded “Never me and terri are just friends.” I glanced at Terri and seen that he was now upset. The first thing that I thought was “Damn can we celebrate me for once?” I intregected “I dont think thids hsould be the topic of conversation right now.” “Why not Yan Maci need a real dude in her life to change her and her ways.” You ever seen someone get hit by a bus? Well if you haven’t just imagine something coming so quick your way you didn’t even see it because that is exactly what happen Maci went off on Terri and his friend. How dare you tell a female she needs to change? when will men understand that us women are very emotional you just say anything that comes to your mind about a woman and expect her not to react. Needless to say Terri not only messed up his chances with Maci, but has messed up their friendship.

One thought on “Changing People

  1. Joy Green

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    I never understood why people change one a new person or group of people enter their lives. I can understand if you worked with professional people you would not act the same around them the way you would act around your normal friends. I have never been the type of person to switch up and change but I do believe in growing up. We all must grow up and changed some old ways for the better so that we can move forward and become better people in life. But when a women change just because of a man, and cannot be free and happy around him will I just think that is flat out crazy. A man should like a women for her I mean that what drawn him to you in the first place. But I know how some people can be, some feel as if they have a reputation to protect. But messing up a good friendship over that is flat out crazy. If I had a friend that made me feel some kind of way around her other friends I would just only hang out with them only when it’s just the two of us, and have a nice long talk about how I feel. After all if they are really your friend they would understand. Let them be that other person around them people and just be you around me.


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