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I believe that Martin Luther King Jr. should definitely have a holiday dedicated in his honor. He is a father of the Civil Rights movement and partially the reason we as African Americans can have some of the rights and liberties we all love so much. Martin Luther King day should be regarded in high honors just because of who this man was and still is and what he has done for all races albeit blacks in the name of freedom and liberty. For MLK day I went to the Interfaith Service at the Lawless Memorial Chapel where the Dillard University choir performed 2 songs, “Mary Had a Baby” and “Lift Every Voice and Sing”. We had a student from Loyola University read a Muslim Scripture from the Quran and we also had a Christian scripture read to go along with the interfaith theme of the day’s service. I had a great time listening to the service because it promotes a theme that I take dear to my heart. Nonviolence is something I take stock in because it promotes peace and respect for all parties involved. Martin Luther King Jr. was a catalyst of sorts, his hopes, dreams and aspirations fueled the nation and ignited some change among the people. People of all races were deeply saddened by the death of Mr. King because he stood for something more than just being a black, he stood for the equality that all races need to possess if we are to ever make it anywhere as a single unit. Dr. King was the pinnacle for excellence in the black community because he stood for everything we wanted and everything we wanted to achieve in the future. He was taken before his time unfortunately and that really held African Americans back in the race for Civil Rights.

Race and Ethnic Similarities

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Ethnicity and race are very much alike even they have different meanings. Race focuses on physical appearance that is hereditary. Race has to do with some ones hair, eyes, skin color etc… While ethnicity has to do with one’s culture. Ethnicity deals with how people speak, religion and language. Race and ethnicity are very similar, people are grouped into categories based on both.
Race has caused many issues in the world. One of these issues includes the Jewish Holocaust. Millions of Jewish people were killed by the Nazi government in Germany and Germany territories during World War 2. Jewish people were killed because of their race. Although their norms were insulted by the Nazi government, individuals were killed because of their “Jewish” appearance. In order to look like a Jewish person it has to be inherited from someone’s family. People that looked Caucasian were able to disguise themselves as white and were able to escape.
Ethnicity has also caused a group of people to be oppressed. Slaves were taken from Africa to countries like Spain, America and South America. Slaves were taken to these places to work but eventually began to fight for the right to be free in these countries. In America after slavery was abolished blacks were still treated like they were less than their white counterparts. All of Africa isn’t the same race. Northern Africans have more a Middle Eastern but were still treated badly because of the color of their skin.
Jewish people and African Americans were treated badly by the Nazi and American governments. Jewish People were grouped together because of their race while Blacks were grouped together based on ethnicity. People with the same race are usually of the same ethnicity. Individuals of the same race are usually from the same regions of the world. Cultural values are usually the same in the same regions.
Now that you may have a clearer understanding of how they tie into one another which do you take more pride in?

…And Holiday Cheer

As I reflect on an eventful, fun, lightly stressed, laid back semester, I am reminded of previous laborious, demanding semesters that left me worn out. i can truly say that I am thoroughly happy to say that I am a GRADUATING senior!  For me, the fall was always the hardest because the classes were harder, financial aid was a pet peeve, and not to mention miscellanous, uncontrollable visits that were unwelcomed.

The most stressing aspect of this fall was the LSAT. I think it’s fair to say that most graduating seniors find their senior year very stressful because we are trying the balance classwork and graduate, law, and/or medical school applications. I was preparing for the LSAT the entire semester, and I’m quite thankful that I only have 12 credit hours. It’s not easy to balance the two, but it is possible.

Now that spring will be creeping upon us soon, anxiety and stress will creep in. It ‘s not just waiting anxiety, but the ultimate question: “How will we deal with REAL life after   undergrad?” It’s something we all must face one day, and for us, it’s a lot more sooner than we think.  And at the end of the day, fear  of the unknown is what scares us the most.

So as I and several of my classmates celebrate our winter break with our families, in the back of our minds we will be thinking of LIFE in the midst of holiday cheer. For me, I already feel it. It’s not just fear, it’s excitement and  eagerness. We’ve made it half-way through the year, and it’s almost surreal. It’s amazing how time flies and how soon you’re forced to become an adult.

As I close this final blog, I am happy to know that in themodst of holiday cheer, I have had an awesome semester and I’m looking forward to my last semester.


Happy holidays everyone!!!

The role that society play in religion

You ask a very deep question!  I hope to goodness that faith impacts children’s lives toward strong morals and disciplined behavior!  I believe the recent surge of Bible curriculums that relate Biblical principles to character development should help children connect the dots between what we teach at church and how we hope they will live their lives.  It is most frustrating and puzzling to see children who have learned lots of Bible facts, but don’t live a Christ-like lifestyle.  We have to keep in mind that you can’t educate children into to the kingdom!  It must be the work of the Holy Spirit, in conjunction with the Word.  So I’m not sure if “religion” is the answer – leading children to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and directing them to the Bible as the guidebook seems to the real need.  In other words, religion can become words on a page, rituals completed, not a relationship with God and His Son.  That relationship should change one’s character to become Christ-like – loving, compassionate, kind, helpful.

We would have no discipline or morality problems if children exhibited the fruits of the Spirit! We hear the slogan that “knowledge is power,” however the scriptures teaches us that knowledge puffs up (1 Corinthians 8:1). Don’t get me wrong, I am all for a great education but somehow there must be a balance between secular education and establishing a firm foundation based on the scriptural principles of God’s word. Let me give you an example; the Young Adult Sunday School class at Franklin Avenue Baptist Church recently finished a study series on “Success God’s Way.” In the book the author quotes Proverbs 22:1 that teaches us that “a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches…”In a society that judges success of individuals by the clothes they wear, the car they drive, or the career they choose, the church desperately needs to reaffirm biblical standards of servant hood, humility, and integrity. When our society get back to the biblical principles that our country was founded on, then and only then will we begin to see individuals loving, serving, and respecting one another.

Whats wrong with genetically altered food?

Genetically engineered food is a major part of Americans diet today. Over 80% of all processed foods are genetically engineered in the United States. These foods include grains, legumes like soybeans and soy products, vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat and even infant formula is genetically engineered. Labeling is prohibited therefor consumers don’t know what they’re eating, yet there is danger. Genetically altered foods are dangerous to the public because they aren’t naturally and contain pesticides.

People are kept “out of the loop” about what goes into most of these genetically altered foods. There is no known reverse to contamination of agriculture in the United States. Today, people eat these foods without knowing the risk. Jeffrey Smith explained in his book “Seeds of Deception” that efforts to inform the public have been stopped repeatedly and considers what happened to two scientists; UC Berkeley’s Ignacio Chapela and former Scotland Rowett Research Institute researcher and plant genetic modification expert, Arpad Pusztai. They were vilified for their research, and in the case of Pusztai, fired from his job for doing it. These scientist were conducting studies on the problems of genetically altered food.

Pusztai believed in genetically mutated foods, was commissioned to study them, and conducted the first ever independent study on them. Pusztai was shocked by his findings, he fed rats genetically mutated potatoes which in return gave the rats smaller livers, hearts, testicles and brains, damaged their immune systems, and promoted structural changes in their white blood cells making them more vulnerable to infection and disease compared to other rats fed non-genetically mutated potatoes. These rats also had spleen damage and altered tissue.

Genetically mutated foods are still not heavily regulated. Some users of genetic mutation are producing these foods without these products on labels. Genetically altered foods are as of yet to be studied on humans but has bad results for animals.

What do you think about genetically altered food?

Have you done enough in college?

At this very moment I am blogging while gallery sitting at the art gallery I am a member of and I’m thinking to myself have I done enough while in college? Did I take advantage of the experience in order to place myself where I would like to be once it is over? I am asking myself this for multiple reasons. First and foremost because I am a graduating senior and whether I am prepared or not the support net of being a college student will soon be behind me. Another reason is why I am here I am trying to write a well done artist statement in anticipation of my senior art exhibition. This exhibition must meet a certain standard in order for me to graduate. Instead of a two day test with info from the last four years I have to put on an art show using my experiences from the last four years. And lastly in a few hours it is very likely that I will be discussing my post graduation plans with strangers as part of making a first impression. There are a lot of students who do the bare minimum to get out of college and some who focus on a high gpa. But if you do not leave with any real world experience in your field then you not put yourself in the best position to start your life. Those things should be started while in college where mistakes are more acceptable and easier to deal with. I myself have taken a few chances and got good feedback but as I am thinking there us so much more I wish I would done. I regret nothing because the experiences I have had have taught me a lot of important information about continuing on. With that being said college is more than just a grade or just partying it should be used to find oneself and prepare for the future rather than the goal of getting good grades and exiting in four years.


Creating different types of relationships throughout college is very important in regards to our future success in the professional arena. All students come to college with a common goal, the desire of achieving the most knowledge possible to attain degrees that in turn will open doors closed to peoples that don’t posses the same credentials. Learning is one of the the most powerful tools in the world.

With my college career coming to an end I have realized that more important than grades are the relationships created and maintained over the years. Professors have a duty of teaching us but they’re also the same people we turn to for letters of recommendation when seeking admittance into graduate and masters programs. The way that we presented ourselves in their class,  conversation that they’ve ease dropped on, knowledge of us that we may not even know they knew of now means everything. All these attributes define a person’s true character. Webster defines this as, “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual”. As it may be to late for some to drastically change for immediate purposes, its important that we always seek to fine tune different aspects of our personalities, attitudes and lives to better our character.character


Media on Girls Self Esteem


I thought this group did a great job with addressing the effects of media on girls’ self-esteem and how it’s not good how the media thinks it’s okay to let girls feel like it’s okay to live this false life. Michael gave great background information on how media has come a long way and what’s the way to describe beauty has changed overtime. I personally feel that media has a strong impact on the way girls feel about themselves. Fashion and the way you should look evolve every day. One minute, natural beauty is acceptable, and then the next minute you should have a bunch of makeup on your face looking like Krusty the Klown. I know as a female, I’ve even fallen into the hype of media influencing me. I’ll be honest, sometimes watching the videos of certain songs do make me want to change things. But then I realized that I’m comfortable in the skin I’m in and keeping up with the Joneses takes money and time. Girls and guys need to understand that this media world is not real. Those people are sometimes photo shopped and that’s not even their real bodies. I love the way Antonio had SoundBites of people that go to Dillard, and how they feel about media as well. It’s always good to get a second opinion on how someone feels about the same topic as you. Women need to know that we are all created in different sizes, colors, shapes, and everyone has something about them that makes them different, so why would you want to look like the next person. It’s really something to think about but overall, the group’s presentation was good, with really informative information about media affecting young women. Being a women myself, I felt like I could relate to this topic, so kudos to group 2.

Human Trafficking

I thought the human trafficking presentation was well put together. The group did an exceptional job with the information and the facts they gave regarding the topic. This is an issue that needs to seriously be addressed. I couldn’t fathom my child being kidnapped and used for sex and labor. It’s sad that some people agree with this and think that this issue is okay. The stories and movies that you watch are traumatizing as this really happens in everyday life. I would never want to live in those countries where human trafficking exists. The group had really informative information about human trafficking and the differences between labor trafficking and sex trafficking. I really feel that this issue needs to stop because people are to be treated as human beings; I look at human trafficking as a form of slavery, and I thought slavery ended a long time ago. It’s really a sad situation to hear, and know that girls as young as 6 years old are engaging in those types of activities, being forced to do that, and some parents are okay with their child being touched. This is a very unfortunate situation for some people. I’ve seen the movie Taken and its shows how people are out to lure you and sell you into that type of stuff. Luckily, the girl had a protective father that looked for her and got her back. With human trafficking, some children are taken and they will never see their loved ones again. The group also focused on the United States and India, which was informative. I knew children were abducted, but I didn’t think human trafficking was bad in the United States. It really was a shocker when Gary said that annually human trafficking brings in about 950 billion dollars. That’s a lot of money from no good people. The group really did a superb job of informing me and making me aware that this is a situation that needs to be addressed and stopped. I wish people had a heart to know that this is a hurtful situation to any parent that has to witness their child being used for labor reasons and for sexual reasons. More people need to be compassionate about this issue and use the Golden Rule

The effect of alcohol on children and families

Drugs and alcohol have proven to alter people’s relationships. Both drugs and alcohol can cause depression and loneliness. People who often drink or use drugs have their mental states altered by these things and sometime act irrationally or not like themselves, this may be an issue for love ones and the people that are around them the most.
Children of alcoholics are proven to develop differently from other children. According to the National Association for Children of Alcoholics. Children of alcoholics are more likely to develop their parents’ problems because their parent are not themselves when they drink. The children of alcoholics usually gravitate to other adults or older adolescents.
I am not a heavy drinker and I do not used drugs as a form of stimulation therefor, I’ll never know what people that use these things heavily go through. My uncle is a heavy drinker and while understand that he is still a human being, some don’t and find him unbearable when he drinks. When he’s sober everyone tries to talk with him and find out what’s wrong with him but no one ever gets far. Although my uncle is a loving person, I know first-hand that people find him hard to deal with when he allows alcohol to alter his state of mind.
Families are often times broken up because of individuals that are heavy users of alcohol or drugs. Some families find that person unbearable or the individual that is an alcoholic or drug addict may bring problems whenever they are stimulated. Do you think that people should be treated differently because they are heavy drug or alcohol users?