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What is TOO grown?

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Remember my blog about the little girl who wrote the explicit lyrics
on her drawing at my job? Well her name is Derriel and I had the
pleasure of meeting her and her very young mother (21 year old young
woman,Derriel is seven. You do the math.)  When I asked her was she
aware of the type.of lyrics her daughter was listening to. She merly
said “oh she is young she doesn’t know what that means.” I asked her
“are you sure, I think she may have a clear idea of what that means.”
Her mother eyed me up and down and said “well she is my child and can
do as she pleases.” I left the conversation at that because I could
not fathom how stupid she actually was as to how she is leading her
daughter down a terrible path of one day becoming a woman!
Then I asked myself how would you react if you was in that situation yan?  I really couldn’t answer myself especially if I know I was listening to this type of music around my son or daughter. As parent we do have certain guidelines who we must follow not to say our kids will be picture perfect but all in all we still should try our best! I use always wonder why my mom didn’t let me do certain things and that is because she didn’t want me to grow up to fast. I just feel like in todays generation parents don’t set bounderies for the children and that is not good for our future as African-Americans what do we have forward to look too for in the near future.   Hopefully thing can fully change over the nick of time because of it doesn’t we are pretty much done as a race, well not done but we might as well reverse time and become slaves.

Hail Mary

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This past tuesday and best friend and I were talking, he express to me how he thought about killing himself. Now if you knew my friend like how I do, you would think you was talking to a totally different person. This was NOT him at all, I asked why would he ever think of something so horrible to do. He explain how he can’t take people judging him any more its to much to bare. My friend is a homosexual male who recently came out to the world (New Orleans) that he was, and the attention he got from it was crazy. People sent him all kind of hate messages, calling him out of his name, making fun of his family, females he has dated sent him threat saying they will kill him. I really don’t understand how people can be so upset about something that doesn’t even conserns them. He didn’t really care about what the people were saying, it was more of the things his family was saying. his mother for instance was saying how he was bound for hell. His sister told him that he would never get a job because no one would want to hire a “faggot nigga” That right there really pissed me off because is families lifes aren’t saint-perfect. I had to remind him that nobody in this wolrd is perfect and that we all sin. Just because his sin is different from others does not makes their chances good of getting into to heaven much greater. All sins a equally the same in gods eyes and I don’t think people realize that or want to believe that they are sinning. I let my friend know that he is a good person and no matter what people may think of you, you are not God and they do not have the final judgement on your life.