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Sacrifice is Important

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A relationship involving two people cannot be selfish if the two people want to be a successful couple. Equal sacrifices have to be made by both people in the relationship for it to grow and survive. There must be some sacrifices made by the mother and father in order for a strong and
stable family bond.  All relationships endure hardships, the things that make or break the relationship is how the issue is handled. Everyone has his or her own idea of what it takes to create the best family. Some believe the individuals have to sacrifice for the whole family, while others believe sacrifice will eventually tear the family apart. I believe the sacrifices made by the mother and father will not only build a better bond, but also, ‘build’ a better child. In my own life I hope to endeavor moments where my wife and I do not agree, but we can come to a compromise through equal sacrifice.Things happen in life that causes people to stress. Stress is a killer and if it’s not handled right it will murder your soul and anyone around you. Building “that” bond with “that” right person only seems like the right thing to do. The process of going about that is a totally different and rougher story. Only you know what qualities you would want your future girlfriend/boyfriend to have. “Till death do us part” and “for better or for worse” is only meaningful when you those words are taken seriously. I support the idea of sacrifice because it shows how much a person is willing to have your back and take care of you knowing you will do the same in return and not in vain. The value of family is important and weight that concepts holds is heavier than what most of us can only observe at home or on television.

Twerk Sumtin Hoe

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In today’s generation Twerking has become the best thing since slice bread to not only just African- Americans but to all races and genders. Let me take you back to the year of 1995 when local New Orleans rappers Mysitkal and Mia X decided to make a strip club banger called “Shake Something” The lyrics read “Go ahead girl, handle your business,Twerk something’ shake sometin’ bring that ass over here.” This to me is what started the Evoloution of Twerking. Artist such as Beyonce, Tyrese, Lil Wayne and many more all started to use the word “Twerk” in their lyrics.

Ok now I raised to only tweak or shake when you are in the comforts of your own home or with friends but NEVER in public. It’s a popular dancing style and I’m pretty sure most of us have tried to “twerk something” In today’s club scene you’ll see many girls bent over backwards just so you can see how good or how fast they can make their asses go around in a circle, this really baffles me at times. Women and young men have made a living out of twerking and I really don’t understand how you can call something like that a “job” why not strip? That’s basically what people do; twerk to amaze people like strippers right? Only difference is, twerkers have on clothes and sometimes they barley have clothes on. Twerking has gone viral, from twerking in Walmart to Hannah Montanna bending and bussing it open on the VMA’s(smh).
Relating back to my last blog about how as a parent you should monitor what your children are watching or doing, if Derriel is watching mama twerk than eventually Derriel will fall in the footsteps of her mother right? I am not saying we should band twerking but I am saying people can at least tone it down a bit, especially if our younger kids are watching us as close as they are. Besides what man can truly respect a girl who is twerking every weekend in the club? Or the better question is what real woman can respect a man that shakes his ass faster than mine? No ma’am miss Pam that right there honey is for the birds!

How do you feel about Rap Music?

Hip Hop has been a major musical genre in the United States spawning some of the world’s best-selling artist like Tupac, Jay-z, Eminem and Kanye West. This Genre was introduced in the late 1970’s as a form of story-telling like the blues or country music, it wasn’t until the earl 1980’s did hip hop receive it’s sort of rhyming and “word play” attribution. Hip Hop began to blossom in the 1980’s with act’s like Run DMC and Kool Moe D merging their music with already popular genres, rock and r and b. In the late 1980’s rap began to take a turn towards a more violent and misogynistic turn with the introduction of “west coast” rap which include artist like Ice Cube, Snoop Dog and Ice Tea.

In the 1990’s Hip Hop or not the more preferred term “rap” boomed many female rappers also staked their claim on the rap industry like Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. Hip Hop by this had received a negative image. The language in rap music could be described as “vulgar and obscene”. In the 2000’s hip hop music kept this conception and while many don’t let their children listen to rap music some simply see it as a freedom of expression.

My experiences with rap music have been good experiences. I was brought up on this type of music and was raced in some of the same environments as some of these people therefor I understand the music and can relate to some of the music. I feel that those who shun rap music are those that do not understand and may just see it as “ranting or raving.” Hip Hop or as what some may refer to as rap is growing in popularity. How do you feel about rap music and would you let your child listen to it? Also do you feel that rap music has gotten away from its’ roots?

Religious Motivation?

Religion, which in describes the “belief in and worship of a God or other superhuman agency”, can play a significant role in someone’s life individually or communal. Believing in a God or in a religion it often motivates individuals either in a positive or negative behavior towards the world. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X had differing ideologies but were two of the central figures of the Civil Right Movement of the 1960s. Both King and Malcolm X have differed in their social background, and religious beliefs; King came from a traditional middle-class family and received his doctorate in philosophy at Boston University in 1953, and becoming a successful Baptist pastor at the age of 26. In the other hand; Malcolm X, Malcolm Little, struggled from the start of his life, from the murder of his father at the age of six to his years he spent in prison. During his time in prison, Malcolm X became greatly inspired by the Nation of Islam. See King dreamed of assimilation by using nonviolent protest, while Malcolm X infamously demanded equal separation by any means necessary, but both were greatly motivated by their strong individual faiths. Religion played a crucial role in developing of their ideas. Both still respect each other but still fed off of each other’s differences. Both King and Malcolm X had a positive behavior towards the world through the Civil Right Movement. Another person motivated by religion is Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler a man with great power. The man who started the systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during the World War II, The Holocaust. Most text books say that Hitler wanted to get rid of the Jews for the way they looked. But people do not really know that Hitler used religion as an excuse to start the Holocaust, and the Christian Social Movement (resembles to the Christian Right Movement in America) also influence his actions and behaviors towards the Jews. He held strong faith for Germans against Jews by using Godly and Biblical reasoning. “Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the Almighty Creator, by defending myself against the Jews, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.” This quote made his statement clear. Even though Hitler did not practice religion in his church, he certainly did believe in God. Based off the individuals named above religion seems to be a definite motivator.


the LAST resort; maybe?

Guns do not kill people. Crazy people with guns kill people. A gun is not the ultimate protection and defense unless it is used properly. It can help if it is a dire situation such as a robbery or self-defense scenarios where your life might be in danger.   I do not own a gun but I am not against owning one in the future. I come from a family where the idea of having a gun is not opposed. Guns at my household were used for hunting and protection against wild animals; since I do live in a wooded area. Rosenberg, Texas is where I was raised and the scenery is a combination of woods, country living, and an urban environment. Rosenberg also right outside of Houston, Harris County, were the crime rate is one of the higher in the nations. If it seems I’m a little on edge about guns and the control of them is due to the different type of areas I have adapted to my whole life; and now I live in New Orleans. Living in New Orleans is a different type a “beast”. The crime and murder rate is too high for anyone to feel safe all the time especially if you not from here. It is like a “shoot to kill”, John Wayne western mentality. As far as protection from another human being, I feel a gun would never be needed. The thought of using a gun on another person for protection is imaginable to me but we do live in a crazy world. A bullet does not have a name and people should put the guns down and leave it that way. Whether I’m in New Orleans or Houston, crime is high and gun violence is a disease. You cannot blame me for my mild state of paranoia as I continue to live my life in this “quick draw” society. I see nothing wrong with a gun but I just feel they’re not necessary. Maybe other precautions could be made to handle and stop the violence but a gun is the last resort.

My Speech

African Americans have faced many challenges in this country. An issue that has continues to grow through-out the years has been the way blacks are perceived in the media. More specifically the way blacks are perceived in advertising is an issue. The market is diverse but uneven. The purpose of this study is to show a black culture and its perception in advertising and to see if it has a possibility to change.   A stereotype is a thought predicted about a specific individual or group. African Americans have been stereotyped for years and now that a medium such as advertising opened up, will they continue to exist. William and Grantham (1999) conducted a study that would examine the perceptions, stereotypes and implications surrounding racial and ethnic identity in the marketplace.  One of the main points of the study was to examine how ethnic identification influences consumer reactions to the use of African-American Vernacular English, or AAVE, in ads.  In this presentation the authors’ research suggests that Ebonics is not used by all Blacks, and that there may be significant variation in the extent of usage based on degree of ethnic identity. Language is an important aspect of race identification.  In advertising it could use successfully or be seen as a failure to some. Standard English, the changing of English and the acceptance of this change is war within a war. So should the English teachers or copywriters dictate how language is used?  Whoever it is, it all is tied back to the culture of a race, money that is being made, and the diversity that should create more equality for a better future. Can African American culture be displayed in advertising equally?

Marriage & Love?

We are all familiar with the traditional wedding vows spoken at most wedding ceremonies in America. “… I promise to love you, and to be faithful to you as long as we both shall live. … to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part: and to that I pledge you my faithfulness.”  I believe a marriage should be made up of all of these vows except one ….  love. Love is the one thing you don’t need to have a lasting marriage. Most lasting marriages are based on values, class ,and religions. And sometimes values , class ,religions and love but never just love. 1 “ A legal joining of two people; a union” according to  is the definition of marriage. Never once is love mentioned in this definition . Leaving me confident to say love is not a necessity in a marriage . Marriage in a lot of  places like china and India are nothing more than a arrangements. An understanding of personal goals and a common desire to want to makes their marriage work. “ These are formal affairs with the involvement of many other people apart from the bride and groom , the latter two are usually total strangers and have not even seen each other before that marriage is arranged.” in “Arranged Marriages verses Love Marriages”,(Walsh , 2)  this is known as arranged marriages. Arranged marriages are based on “ the parameters of social status, financial strength, background, educational opportunities and similar lifestyle.” Love has become something that comes after marriage. Not saying that’s a bad thing but it is unbelievable that our society is able to have longer lasting marriages that isn’t primarily built on love. Although it is hard to believe , when you look at the logic behind it your able to see and understand why marriages that choice values first and love second last longer.


Over Exposure

Yesterday at work doing the opening morning checklist I stumbled across a drawing that was on display that one of the many kids that comes to my job drew! It was a picture of a little girl with a bunch of flowers and stars and other miscellaneous things girls draw when they doodle! As I looked over the drawing I came across the only words besides her name on the paper, it read “don’t blame it on the yack that gose, that’s a rock.” Ok now if you listen to bounce music or have listened to the Social Shakedown on Saturdays I’m pretty sure that those words sound familiar. The original lyrics are “don’t blame it on the yac, that goose, that ciroc; boy you got me hot come over to my spot. Now the drawing was a made by an 8 year old, what the hell does she know about ciroc? Are today’s parents slipping at what is ok for their children watch and listen to? That song is about sexual content and I surely don’t think an eight year old should be listening to that type of music! When I was eight my mother had a strict rule about what I could and could not listen to, even still to this day if we are watching tv and two people are kissing my mother will turn the channel, I’m 20 now you’ll think I’m well aware of what goes on in the world today but an 8 year old? Some parents just need to get it together. I feel as parents you should always be aware of what your kids are watching. I am pretty sure if the little 8 year can understand don’t blame it on the yack, I’m pretty sure she can understand the next few lyrics “let put it in your face.” Hmmmmm what’s your thoughts on this?

Would you want a change that resulted in death just to fit in?


According to ABC news, A’zhari and A’zhiah were formerly conjoined twins, but on October 13, 2013, after 6 months of separation, A’zhari died. The cause of death is not released to the public. The news said that the family does not want the public to know so the hospital is withholding the information. But, to me, this action only increased the interest of others.

The biggest question: Should the twins have been separated?

Was it the fault of the family who separated them even though the chance of one of the twins would die was already given just so the formerly conjoined twins could have a “normal life”?

Or was it the doctors’ fault? The doctors who wanted to have achieved an accomplishment of being able to performed a critical surgery ignored the chance of the survival for the twins?

In my opinion, the twins shouldn’t have been separated. Were they about to die if they did not get separated? God had made them that way and God had given them breaths, so who are we to separate them?

I can understand the parents’ view of wanting their twins to have a normal life, a life that people will not stare at either of them when they go out in public. But is that ideal of a view worth losing a daughter over?

Did they not think of how A’zhiah would feel when she grows up and finds out that the surviving rate for either of them was low? She could come to be afraid of her own parents, because this is ultimately the parents’ decision–which I don’t even doubt since it is the parents who must sign the consent to operate form. In other words, you lost one daughter to death and the other is afraid of you. Is being normal even worth this much anguish, this ironically horrid outcome?

What is being normal anyway? If they could live as they were, then why changed for the better that involved a risk? Why did they have to be greedy and gambled to lose when to win was to have done nothing?

In all seriousness though, I’m mad that this tragedy happened when it could have not been. I mean, it’s the life of an innocent baby girl! There are many things  in this world that can be used to take a chance, to gamble with the odd, but to do so with a life should never be on the list.




What is being grown up?

Since I should probably publish another blog post lets blog about being adults. If one were to look at the activities I indulge in it would not be a shock to be told to grow up. I am often the responsible one and the childish one at the same time and because of this some people do not know how to deal with me. How does one decide if someone else is grown or not. We certainly do not believe that age decides unless we are trying to send someone to jail. Someone can be well past the age of 21 and still be told they need to grow up. And at the same time someone under the age of 18 can be seen as grown. It’s based on your actions and how you will be perceived based on those actions. For example I wouldn’t expect anyone who only interacts with me in Critical Thinking to think of me as a responsible young adult. (I know how I act in class and I know how I should, I be trying yall I be trying but in this class its hard) But then again there are places where people would have a hard time believing I’m a childish young man who plays Pokemon and eats candy all day. (I also don’t eat vegetables) I know when I am doing irresponsible things and I am also aware of the consequences. When it comes to actions in and dealing with this class specifically I do a lot of things that I look down on when it comes to schooling, especially schooling that isn’t free. Even though I do not pay due to scholarships it is important that I give a certain amount of effort if I would like to continue going to school for free. With all this being said do my responsible actions make me grown up or do my irresponsible actions make me a kid. Its not that easy a thing to decide. Does one make a list and classify themselves by what ever side is longer? I am relatively good when it comes to knowing what I am doing wrong but my laziness often stops me from dealing with it. Do I have to start wearing a nice suits to school and stop watching cartoons to be an adult? If I do then I will never be an adult.