Break up, a simplistic complexity

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Relationship is complicated and can be troublesome when it ends. The things that should be said, must be said and must not be said–those things should be thought of properly before saying them to the other involved party. But what is more troublesome is how and when and where should all of this just end.

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Thoughts like ‘Can we still be friends afterward? Does he still want to remain as friends afterward? Do I still want to be his friend afterward? Should we know each other when we would cross each other on the streets afterward? Or shouldn’t we know each other at all?’ can make a person… indecisive, as if indifferent.

At one point, one person just got up and flew away.

No notes, no apology, nothing.

But it concluded. They were both free.

Once in a while, the person who went away would reflect:

It was the right thing, wasn’t it? It was a conclusion that won’t be troublesome.

Things like leaving a note, an apology, or whatever is an unneeded attachment. That kind of connection won’t do either any good.

There comes a day when the roads are once again briefly intersected: the meeting should be that of strangers, the first greeting redone.

Therefore, it is the first greeting. The only greeting so far.

That implies a “don’t meet again”.

Should that even be the implication?

“I’m sorry,” isn’t something to be said when one isn’t fully into it. Didn’t this kind of conversation happen once before? Halfhearted apology is useless, unwanted. Won’t do it–already chosen and told to.

What was it again, the sentence after that?

“Evil”, wasn’t it?

And after that was something cheeky.

Was it a misfortune to have met?

Hmm… Don’t take all the blame.

… … … … …


Hey, do say something. Laugh even. Or something that shows the state of living. Don’t make other worry. That is…

What? Everyone isn’t the same, so don’t expect the same result. It would be so boring.

Hey, let’s do what was said after the sentence after the sentence–the cheeky sentence and its shadow: Forget it and move on.

It’s been so long now. Even trying with it all to recall it is…

Some parts are filled in with “special talent” to make sense.

Hmm… Looking at this, the possibility of having been a bully like person even back then too is….


Complexity isn’t all that great, so like the want of not apologizing halfheartedly–it shall not be done too.


Prompt Source:

In Spanish class, some questions were asked: Would you break up over the text message or email? Would you still remain as friends, after breaking up?

Answer Source: Self with character mode attached.

3 thoughts on “Break up, a simplistic complexity

  1. Amber

    As simple as a break-up may appear to be, it’s exceptionally misleading. How emotionally damaged you or your ex may be afterwards depends on the length of the relationship and how much “love” was invested. It’s extremely awkward to see them in passing or if you’re sitting in the same class as them.

    Friends? It depends on how and why the relationship ended. To this day, I can honestly say I’m not REAL friends with my exes. Whether it ended horribly or not, I couldn’t get pass the uncomfortable feeling of being in their presence. For some strange reason, I always felt guilty or at fault when it wasn’t my fault.

    Through it all, I learned to make use of the misfortunes accompanied with separation. I perceive it as a new day, a chance for a rebirth or to refocus my life on what’s essential. As hurtful as it may be for a few days or even weeks maybe, time heals all. Feelings that I thought would never subside or nightmares that seemed endless eventually ended. Sure, there are those moments that you’ll hear a song, hint a familiar smell, and inhale the essence of the atmosphere when nostalgia will overwhelm you.

    How a relationship ends can be the most devastating and heartbreaking. Text messages? Yes! Unfortunately, that’s how a lot of them end today. Technology is unfortunate entity when dealing with the matters of the heart, but it’s reality. I can honestly say I’m guilty of this. It’s succinct, genial, and reduces your chances of becoming hysterical when breaking up with them over the phone or in person. And yes, this is now human nature, though it’s relatively new.

    And to be honest, I wouldn’t have wanted to break the news to them any other way.

    After getting over the memories and emotional, nostalgic emotions I feel happier than ever and eager to grab the next project life has in store for me! It’s the TRUE beauty of reconstruction after deconstruction.

    1. Joshua

      (Before I start blogging I must say, Cali you sound like you just experienced a bad break up, it totally shows in your post. lol)

      I will definitely say that breakups lead in the department of simplistic complexities. When two people enter a relationship neither party necessarily sits down and plans a break-up, but I definitely must address the abyss of emotions humans carry with anything. I highly doubt people enter relationships with the intent to get married; at least not my age group. Relationships are more commercial than frozen pizza, its something to do in life. Intimacy, in my opinion, is an innate craving. We all crave some type of satisfaction that usually implies interacting with something. Given the popularity of relationships, why not enter one. So I say break-ups are rather simple; but guess who makes them complicated. We do!

      The last relationship I was end ended with an email on my end and a thousand and 1 missed phone calls I will never return. When you see that your relationship is no longer beneficial to either party, let it go. Love Is not a universal language that people automatically know how to speak, it is dependent on the individuals understanding. Ive experienced some pretty bad break ups and yea a few were complicated for absolutely no reason, but at least I accept and understand that the relationship was built on things I simply didn’t want. Why fall madly in love and live happily ever after when you can be 21 at Spring break in Cancun. Lets make break-ups easy folks.


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