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The role that society play in religion

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You ask a very deep question!  I hope to goodness that faith impacts children’s lives toward strong morals and disciplined behavior!  I believe the recent surge of Bible curriculums that relate Biblical principles to character development should help children connect the dots between what we teach at church and how we hope they will live their lives.  It is most frustrating and puzzling to see children who have learned lots of Bible facts, but don’t live a Christ-like lifestyle.  We have to keep in mind that you can’t educate children into to the kingdom!  It must be the work of the Holy Spirit, in conjunction with the Word.  So I’m not sure if “religion” is the answer – leading children to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and directing them to the Bible as the guidebook seems to the real need.  In other words, religion can become words on a page, rituals completed, not a relationship with God and His Son.  That relationship should change one’s character to become Christ-like – loving, compassionate, kind, helpful.

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We would have no discipline or morality problems if children exhibited the fruits of the Spirit! We hear the slogan that “knowledge is power,” however the scriptures teaches us that knowledge puffs up (1 Corinthians 8:1). Don’t get me wrong, I am all for a great education but somehow there must be a balance between secular education and establishing a firm foundation based on the scriptural principles of God’s word. Let me give you an example; the Young Adult Sunday School class at Franklin Avenue Baptist Church recently finished a study series on “Success God’s Way.” In the book the author quotes Proverbs 22:1 that teaches us that “a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches…”In a society that judges success of individuals by the clothes they wear, the car they drive, or the career they choose, the church desperately needs to reaffirm biblical standards of servant hood, humility, and integrity. When our society get back to the biblical principles that our country was founded on, then and only then will we begin to see individuals loving, serving, and respecting one another.

How people define Success?

At one time, I would have defined success that way.  Having all kinds of possessions.  Well, it’s still indicates success, but it indicates worldly success.  There’s nothing wrong with that as long as one keeps it in perspective and know that that type of success is a finite success.  When your time is up, that’s it, it’s over.  Depending on who is the next person in line, all of those things which are signs of that success could be gone like it never existed in the first place if they don’t do right by it.  But, life can be made much more comfortable for one’s heirs by passing down those earnings and them not blowing it foolishly.
However, I now define success as discovering God’s will for one’s life and living in it.  Doing what one is called to do or being content in the place God has one at in life.  Being that light in a dark world…being that lamp that shines – that’s success to me.  The possessions are lagniappe.  Growing old with one’s wife with children and grandchildren around…that’s success to me.  Being saved and living one’s life for Christ – that’s success. True success is in knowing the peace and serinity of GOD’s love and friends and family

Gun Control

There has been much talk in the media concerning gun control. The President is suggesting that we put in place a stricter gun control policy. I think President Obama’s gun control proposal is good. I am a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Which gives “the right to the people to keep and bear Arms”; however, there should be stricter gun controls policies. Stricter control policies can be enforced by providing more background checks, banning assault  weapons, and promoting less gun violence in the media.  Enforcing these gun control policies will decrease gun violence in our society.

President Obama has suggested that in order to implement stricter gun control policies a background check needs to be administered to all gun owners. The policy currently states that anyone “not under strict mental diagnosis can bear weapons”; however this should not be the case.  A gun in a mental patient’s hand is dangerous to society, because a mental patient does not always think rationally. For example, if a background check would have been in place then the Newton, Connecticut shooting may not have taken place. There needs to be a ban on assault weapons as well vests piercing. Adam Lanza’s mother should not have had a permit to own a gun knowing her son had mental issues. Nevertheless, I have no problem with  people having a gun in their home for protection, but to walk down the street with a AK47 in one’s pocket is take it to the extremely. A gun is like everything else. It has advantages and disadvantages.

Less gun violence in the media can contribute to improving restriction on gun controls policies.  Less gun violence in the media and games can reduce the number of people being influenced to commit violence. According to psychologists, the media can influence people’s behavior. That is why the president is recommending stricter controls and education and mental health interventions. Tragedies,such as that at Sandy Hook, will be continue to occur if we do not.

pic women in combat

Women in Combat

Recently there has been a law passed that allow women to serve on the frontline in combat. Since this law has passed there has been major controversy that has followed. The United States military has been the symbols for equality.  I believe that women should be able to serve on the frontline of combat because of their endurance, and the basic rights that the military upholds. I am not against someone exercising their right to serve in whatever capacity they choose to serve as long as they are capable of doing the job and they do not cause anyone else to be hurt or worse because of their failings.


Now this is a very touchy subject to many people. Personally I have not served in any branch of service in any form or fashion. Many females and males have dying in the military already. With this ban been lifted, surely the death numbers of females as well males will definitely increase. Equal rights and equal opportunities are great, but women and men are not treated equally. Some men still have problems taking orders from females or being gracious losers when a woman is promoted over them. Trust, respect, and accountability will be major factors in women succeeding in serving in combat.
On the other hand, if we give women the right to choose to serve in combat, what about the men? Will men have the right to choose? Equal rights will always be an issue because there are some things a woman can do and a man can’t and vice-versa. So if the purpose of this bill being passed is to bring about equal opportunity, then I believe it was a waste of time because it will not bring equal opportunity, Hopefully, we can find a way to satisfy everybody.


Why Historically Black Colleges Remain Relevant

Beverly Daniel Tatum Why Historically Black Colleges Remain RelevantBeverly Daniel Tatum Why Historically Black Colleges Remain Relevant


In recent years, there has been a debate about whether HBCU Schools are still relevant to today’s society. I agree that HBCUs are needed in today’s society. The history of the race is sometimes forgotten.  It is important to not lose the knowledge of the history of our people.  In the 21-century black children are not being taught from an Afro centric perspective but a European centric perspective in grade schools. HBCU Schools are important because they are value to society, provide an historical education, and create a family oriented environment.

Communities value black institutions because these institutions bring in black leaders and role models to communities. HBCU’s raises awareness to social and political issues that African American people are currently facing.  Black institutions bring together communities of people to stand behind the messages that the great African American leaders set the pathway for.

African Americans have contributed many accomplishments to society and deserve the right to be learned about by its people. We have to remember that in the 60’s & 70’s white institutions like LSU, Tulane, LA Tech did not welcome blacks on their campuses until the late 70’s. For example, they started recruiting black athletes because coaches like Eddie Robinson had the talent they needed. Eddie Robinson was the head coach of football at Grambling University.  His team would play teams like Lsu, Tulane and other whites’ institutions and Grambling would beat Lsu and others. So when whites coach noticed black talent they started recruiting black athletes.

HBCU’s today do provide education like every other institution, but the atmosphere is not the same as Ivy League school. Many people think HBCUs are just a place where students just parties while they are away from their parents. However, one cannot just say that is all HBCU’s are about.  HBCUs are a place where people can learn from an Afro Centric perspective. I can truly say that in the last three year that I have been at an HBCU I have learned so much. One thing that I have learned is that I was miseducated about American History. For example, we were taught that Abraham Lincoln freed the slave because he signed Emancipation Proclamation Bill. Not only, was that taught that in the classroom but you were asked that question on states test. For years I thought that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. Now since I have been at HBCU School I now know that was incorrect information.  HBCU institutions give an historical history from literature, music philosophy, etc. Based on the historical history the African American viewpoint my understanding of America’s history has broaden.

HBCu’s do not only provided an education for minority but they it created family oriented atmosphere like no other institution. I have attend other schools that were not HBCu’s and the atmosphere where not the same.  The relationship that is built between the professors, and students, and other faculty one cannot find that anywhere else.  For example, when I attended other schools that were not HBCu’s and I did receive the same care and love from professor that I have received at HBCUs. Professors at HBCUs do not only see an id number but they see the student. Some on them see student as a person they can mentor and help nurture.  Professors’ relationships with students go beyond the classroom. I have been in the cafeteria and professors have to come to the table and had lunch with me. That was a great experience for me. Other schools professor and staff worker would come in the cafeteria and there would be a special room reserves for them to eat lunch. They did not eat with the student.

Other people who work at the school also build relationships with the students.  They show that they have the students’ best interest at hand. When students are not around they are concerned about their well being. At HBCUs are a big network of people working together to help people reach their goal.   So to me HBUs are not only needed today, they are a promise for tomorrow.