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is spanking a child a helpful method?,9171,1983895,00.html

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The act of discipline has been instilled into the human race from the beginning of civilization. Men are punished with jail time for breaking laws, children are punished with “time-out” for breaking rules and some countries are punished with war for not following policies. Some children are whooped when they act inappropriately or do wrong things. I know from experience that giving a child a whooping is prevalent in the African American Community and some say that it’s a “bad” form of discipline. It is believed that this form of discipline is prevalent in the African American community because slave masters would beat their slaves if they were disobedient and why some would continue to disobey for the most part it worked.

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The issue with whooping a child as a form of discipline for some experts is that they feel that it in turn teaches the child to react violently heated situations. African American communities do have a high rate of violence specifically in Urban areas where there are more people living in closer areas. Urban areas do have high rates of violence

There are other forms of discipline like putting a child in time-out, making them stand in the corner or putting them on punishment these things never worked for me as a child and I would still rebel when these methods were implemented.

As a young child I was disciplined by getting spank but it worked. I was scared of the consequences of what would happen if I didn’t cooperate or do the right thing but I also tended to handle situations physically as appose to talking them out. Do you feel that it’s appropriate to spank your child and if not what methods do you suggest?


The role of Celebrities in today’s society, what is it?


Today celebrites make up the bulk of names searched online, some of America’s largest salries and what young men and women aspire to be like. Celebrities like Rihanna are amongst the most followed on Instagram but has an abusive past and is a user of narcotics. Miley cyrus is a professional “twerker” who’s videos and music are suggestive but was the most searched person on yahoo and google this week. Are celebrities taking their role of “role model”seriously and would you recommend your child to follow any of today’s hollywood elite?