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Race and Ethnic Similarities

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Ethnicity and race are very much alike even they have different meanings. Race focuses on physical appearance that is hereditary. Race has to do with some ones hair, eyes, skin color etc… While ethnicity has to do with one’s culture. Ethnicity deals with how people speak, religion and language. Race and ethnicity are very similar, people are grouped into categories based on both.
Race has caused many issues in the world. One of these issues includes the Jewish Holocaust. Millions of Jewish people were killed by the Nazi government in Germany and Germany territories during World War 2. Jewish people were killed because of their race. Although their norms were insulted by the Nazi government, individuals were killed because of their “Jewish” appearance. In order to look like a Jewish person it has to be inherited from someone’s family. People that looked Caucasian were able to disguise themselves as white and were able to escape.
Ethnicity has also caused a group of people to be oppressed. Slaves were taken from Africa to countries like Spain, America and South America. Slaves were taken to these places to work but eventually began to fight for the right to be free in these countries. In America after slavery was abolished blacks were still treated like they were less than their white counterparts. All of Africa isn’t the same race. Northern Africans have more a Middle Eastern but were still treated badly because of the color of their skin.
Jewish people and African Americans were treated badly by the Nazi and American governments. Jewish People were grouped together because of their race while Blacks were grouped together based on ethnicity. People with the same race are usually of the same ethnicity. Individuals of the same race are usually from the same regions of the world. Cultural values are usually the same in the same regions.
Now that you may have a clearer understanding of how they tie into one another which do you take more pride in?

Whats wrong with genetically altered food?

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Genetically engineered food is a major part of Americans diet today. Over 80% of all processed foods are genetically engineered in the United States. These foods include grains, legumes like soybeans and soy products, vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat and even infant formula is genetically engineered. Labeling is prohibited therefor consumers don’t know what they’re eating, yet there is danger. Genetically altered foods are dangerous to the public because they aren’t naturally and contain pesticides.

People are kept “out of the loop” about what goes into most of these genetically altered foods. There is no known reverse to contamination of agriculture in the United States. Today, people eat these foods without knowing the risk. Jeffrey Smith explained in his book “Seeds of Deception” that efforts to inform the public have been stopped repeatedly and considers what happened to two scientists; UC Berkeley’s Ignacio Chapela and former Scotland Rowett Research Institute researcher and plant genetic modification expert, Arpad Pusztai. They were vilified for their research, and in the case of Pusztai, fired from his job for doing it. These scientist were conducting studies on the problems of genetically altered food.

Pusztai believed in genetically mutated foods, was commissioned to study them, and conducted the first ever independent study on them. Pusztai was shocked by his findings, he fed rats genetically mutated potatoes which in return gave the rats smaller livers, hearts, testicles and brains, damaged their immune systems, and promoted structural changes in their white blood cells making them more vulnerable to infection and disease compared to other rats fed non-genetically mutated potatoes. These rats also had spleen damage and altered tissue.

Genetically mutated foods are still not heavily regulated. Some users of genetic mutation are producing these foods without these products on labels. Genetically altered foods are as of yet to be studied on humans but has bad results for animals.

What do you think about genetically altered food?

The effect of alcohol on children and families

Drugs and alcohol have proven to alter people’s relationships. Both drugs and alcohol can cause depression and loneliness. People who often drink or use drugs have their mental states altered by these things and sometime act irrationally or not like themselves, this may be an issue for love ones and the people that are around them the most.
Children of alcoholics are proven to develop differently from other children. According to the National Association for Children of Alcoholics. Children of alcoholics are more likely to develop their parents’ problems because their parent are not themselves when they drink. The children of alcoholics usually gravitate to other adults or older adolescents.
I am not a heavy drinker and I do not used drugs as a form of stimulation therefor, I’ll never know what people that use these things heavily go through. My uncle is a heavy drinker and while understand that he is still a human being, some don’t and find him unbearable when he drinks. When he’s sober everyone tries to talk with him and find out what’s wrong with him but no one ever gets far. Although my uncle is a loving person, I know first-hand that people find him hard to deal with when he allows alcohol to alter his state of mind.
Families are often times broken up because of individuals that are heavy users of alcohol or drugs. Some families find that person unbearable or the individual that is an alcoholic or drug addict may bring problems whenever they are stimulated. Do you think that people should be treated differently because they are heavy drug or alcohol users?

What will the effects of Obamacare be?

The Affordable Health Care Act or Obama Care is a form of healthcare reform that will change the dynamics of the way health care is obtained, distributed and lost in the United States. Obama Care is the result of years of debate between all political parties for a better health care system. The Affordable Health Care Act holds over one thousand pages of reform for health insurance companies.

Things that will change with the introduction if Obama Care include; before Obama Care people were able to be denied because of pre-existing conditions, women were able to be charged more by insurance companies because of the great amount of time they spend at hospitals while pregnant and people were able to be dropped from their insurance policies during mid-treatment because they made mistakes on their applications. One of the most important things Obama Care does is expand Medicaid and Medicare and offer cost assistance to those that can’t afford health insurance.

Although The Health Care Reform Act was signed into law in 2010 in hasn’t went into full effect. The new policies that are explained in the Health Care Reform Act are put into place year by year. The whole is expected to be in effect by the year 2022. Obama will provide insurance cuts for people that make less than $200,000 and people who have businesses that have 25 full time employees or less. How do you feel about Obama Care and do think that it’ll have positive or negative effects on you?

Do myths still help shape cultures

Myths are stories that explained how things work when there’s no explanation for them. Before there were printing presses or any form of written language people could only relay experience through stories. This is why The Woman Who Fell From the Sky and As it Was in the Beginning are important tools that may be used to give insight on what life was like for Native Americans during that time.

The story of the Woman Who Fell from the Sky is one of creation. It talks about how a woman who lived in heaven was pushed through the hole of an uprooted tree and created earth. A woman was given credit for creating earth and woman also held chief positions in their tribes. This story gives an explanation of how earth was created and promotes the idea of matriarchy which was a common ideology at the time.

As it was in the Beginning is told during a time when settlers are beginning to convert Native Americans into Christians. The idea of Christianity was a thing that both intrigued and scared them.” My father and I hated it; we feared it, we dreamt of it, we trembled at it.” This is an ideal that was common at the time; the idea of Christianity confused many Native Americans. Esther also fell in love with Laurence; an old playmate of hers. Although they were in love Laurence was not allowed to marry Esther because she was a Native American. Her people were seen as wild pagans. Laurence referred to Esther as a “snake”. This is also common idea at the time, that Native people were barbaric.

After reading this myth for a different class i began to think about the importance of myths in todays society. Myths help give insight in things that went on in different times, a lot like my last post but it’s not about story telling it’s about myths. Ancient cultures enjoyed myths and spread them through out the world. Does today’s society still care about myths?

The importance of stpry telling



My family has long been the driving force behind what I do and what I’ve become. We have generations of story tellers that have helped my elders become who they are. As a child, the stories that were told to me were of no importance at the time however, as I got older those same stories began to have messages that were significant and helped me find the person I truly am. The meanings of my family’s stories may not be clear, but the intentions behind them are for the greater good. Although family may not always tell me what I would like to hear, it’s usually in my best interest and situations have the best results when I take the messages from my family’s stories into consideration.

As a child I was not the best when it came to making decisions. Many of the decisions I made were destructive to me as well as others but I always had my family to correct my destructive behavior. After a fight at school I was on suspended from school and punished. Little did I know my great grandmother whom I felt usually talked of little importance would change my life with a story she told me that day.

My great grandmother Lenora Davis is the matriarch of my family and dealt with some issues I had as a child. As she began to grow she landed herself into situations that turned into stories that helped myself as well as other family members mature. My Grandmothers childhood hood was plagued with bad decisions that were only magnified because of her skin color and the fact that she was raised in the segregated south. One day at school my grandmother got into an altercation with a Caucasian student who threw her books down and told her to pick them up to amuse his fellow classmates. My grandmother retaliated by punching him in the face. Not only did he beat her up, she was expelled from school for the remainder of the school year.

This story made me view my great grandmother in a way that I could better relate to. It also made me evaluate my ten year old self and question whether or not the behavior I exhibited earlier that day at school was appropriate.

Do you think that story telling is still appropriate in today’s society, and if so what kind of stories do you think should be told?

do the cons of the HPV vaccine outweigh the pros?


Young girls have many issues I today’s society many of them being social, mental and with their health. Human Papillomavirus is one of the most common sources of sexually transmitted infections and with over 40 forms HPV the symptoms can sometimes be severe and deadly. Human papillomavirus may cause many issues like warts on the genitals and throat ad cervical cancer. Because HPV is dangerous many individuals have been trying encourage young women to take the vaccine in recent times the HPV vaccine have been given to younger girls, sometimes 12 and 13 years old. One issue with the HPV vaccine being mandatory for young girls is that tax payer dollars would have to cover the cost in a nation that is already in debt. There have been complications in these younger girls that have caused them to become infertile or sometimes inhabit mental disabilities. Young children should not be given the human papillomavirus because it causes many issues, the odds of complications happening may be slim but the risk heavily outweighs the positive aspects of the shot.

The HPV vaccine can cause many issues but the risk depends on the brand of vaccine a person uses. Cervarix is a vaccine that is used around the world and has side effects that may not be deadly but if used in young girls the side effects may be severe. If cervarix is used there is a chance that pain and swelling can occur after the initial shot. There is also a chance that patients can get a fever of 99.5, headaches and fatigue are also common. Other patients have experience nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain as well as muscle or joint pain. Gardasil is another HPV vaccine that causes issues in its patients. People who have taken Gardasil have reported puffiness and redness where the spot was given, mild to moderate fevers and severe headaches. More severe side effects of Gardasil are fainting spells or sometimes “seizure like” spells. There are more than a 2/3 chance of these things happening in patients who take these shots.

How do you feel about the HPV vaccine, is it work the risks to get it?

How do you feel about Rap Music?

Hip Hop has been a major musical genre in the United States spawning some of the world’s best-selling artist like Tupac, Jay-z, Eminem and Kanye West. This Genre was introduced in the late 1970’s as a form of story-telling like the blues or country music, it wasn’t until the earl 1980’s did hip hop receive it’s sort of rhyming and “word play” attribution. Hip Hop began to blossom in the 1980’s with act’s like Run DMC and Kool Moe D merging their music with already popular genres, rock and r and b. In the late 1980’s rap began to take a turn towards a more violent and misogynistic turn with the introduction of “west coast” rap which include artist like Ice Cube, Snoop Dog and Ice Tea.

In the 1990’s Hip Hop or not the more preferred term “rap” boomed many female rappers also staked their claim on the rap industry like Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. Hip Hop by this had received a negative image. The language in rap music could be described as “vulgar and obscene”. In the 2000’s hip hop music kept this conception and while many don’t let their children listen to rap music some simply see it as a freedom of expression.

My experiences with rap music have been good experiences. I was brought up on this type of music and was raced in some of the same environments as some of these people therefor I understand the music and can relate to some of the music. I feel that those who shun rap music are those that do not understand and may just see it as “ranting or raving.” Hip Hop or as what some may refer to as rap is growing in popularity. How do you feel about rap music and would you let your child listen to it? Also do you feel that rap music has gotten away from its’ roots?

the state of education in america today?

Education is seen as one of the most important things in the world . Knowledge is power and once something is learned is hard for it to be taken away. Many people question the state of education today. Some say it’s in a downward spiral because critical thinking skills are at an all time low and children aren’t learning to read and right at the correct pace. Some say that its hard to judge the intellectual capabilities of children because standardized test are too hard and some. Students aren’t well test takers. Some say that the competition for american children has become tougher in an international setting because countries that were once thought as third world are becoming industrialized.

My personal view on the state of american education is that it is a prejudice field that is positive for some and is negative for others. I developed this idea because i have attended both prodominently black and white schools and i have noticed the learning materials are better kept and so are the facilities. The instructors attitude toward teaching is also different, the instructors at the majority institution seemed more enthused to teach. I don’ t think its a race issue but i do thing its a money issue.

I think that people that make a larger annual income attend majority white schools while those who are considered poor or in poverty usually attend predominantly black schools.

Id o think that this issue is getting worst over time as the line between between rich and poor gets wider and middle class begins to disappear.

I hope that this trend of a society decreasing its value on education fades and people realize that knowledge is power once again. I also hope that knowledge prejudices disappear. What is you opinion on the current state of education?

are standardized test fair?

Standardize testing is used to make sure that every child is being educated properly and is on track with their states education system. These test hold material that are “suppose” to be fundamental rules. I personally do not believe that standardized testing is a good method because it test every child based on what they “should” know when every child learns differently and every schooling enviroment is different.

 Some children attend good schools where the things that are on these test are usually taught in nice enviroment. Some children attend schools where the enviroment isn’t very pleasent and they have to constantly defend themselves. Some children come from homes were they can their education seriously because they from a home with few problems. Some children come from homes where they can’t take school seriously because they have issues going on at home, these students often times have many absencses. I’m providing these examples to say that not every situation is the same so how can a test on standard material give background on students that live in a not so standard world.

 I personally found standardize tests not to be very difficult because i was able to focus on my education. I usually scored the average score that most students in the state or country had and i was considered a smart student. Other students didn’t fair so well because they had many issues going on at home.

 I feel that standardized test should be removed and students should be given test made for the area they live in.