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At this very moment I am blogging while gallery sitting at the art gallery I am a member of and I’m thinking to myself have I done enough while in college? Did I take advantage of the experience in order to place myself where I would like to be once it is over? I am asking myself this for multiple reasons. First and foremost because I am a graduating senior and whether I am prepared or not the support net of being a college student will soon be behind me. Another reason is why I am here I am trying to write a well done artist statement in anticipation of my senior art exhibition. This exhibition must meet a certain standard in order for me to graduate. Instead of a two day test with info from the last four years I have to put on an art show using my experiences from the last four years. And lastly in a few hours it is very likely that I will be discussing my post graduation plans with strangers as part of making a first impression. There are a lot of students who do the bare minimum to get out of college and some who focus on a high gpa. But if you do not leave with any real world experience in your field then you not put yourself in the best position to start your life. Those things should be started while in college where mistakes are more acceptable and easier to deal with. I myself have taken a few chances and got good feedback but as I am thinking there us so much more I wish I would done. I regret nothing because the experiences I have had have taught me a lot of important information about continuing on. With that being said college is more than just a grade or just partying it should be used to find oneself and prepare for the future rather than the goal of getting good grades and exiting in four years.

Art Etiquette: what I think is most important

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Due to art’s current popularity a lot of people who would not usually enjoy art have been lately. I want to first off say that I think it is awesome. Art is made for the people and an artist loves to have their work appreciated. And when one sees young and old, educated and ignorant (in an art sense) enjoying their work it makes them feel great (lacking a better word at this moment). So if you are one of these people thank you and if your not go out to an exhibit opening and give it a chance.

When at an opening or in an art setting you may see the wide range of characters that this world has to offer. With that being said everyone generally is themselves and there are a lot of personalities but people can coexist with difficulty. So no need to change the way you would usually act when in this setting just be yourself. I’ll give you a few tips though. Don’t get drunk off the wine. A person who is drunk from art opening wine looks fun at 1st but can be trouble. Do not try to sound like you know things that you do not know a person may walk up and make comments if you are unsure about what is going on just admit it. Do not feign ignorance. There are others things I can tell you but I’m going to get to the main reason I’m writing this blog.

Give artists and their works the utmost respect and everything else is secondary. In a gallery setting you would also treat the curators and gallery owner with the same respect. And this advice is for an artist no matter the setting. Do not take or steal an artists sketchbook. It is extremely important to them. If you want to look in an artist’s sketchbook you are supposed to ask them first, every time. This is a rule even other artist have to respect. This is the other big one I wanted to address today, do not under any circumstance touch and artist’s work wether it be in progress or completed. If you remember one thing from this blog that is what it should be. I remember one specific situation where a drunk woman ran her nails down a $50,000+ piece. She was ejected from the gallery and if it was dragged she would’ve brought it whether she wanted to or not. Getting in for a closer look is fine but look with your eyes not your hands.

What is being grown up?

Since I should probably publish another blog post lets blog about being adults. If one were to look at the activities I indulge in it would not be a shock to be told to grow up. I am often the responsible one and the childish one at the same time and because of this some people do not know how to deal with me. How does one decide if someone else is grown or not. We certainly do not believe that age decides unless we are trying to send someone to jail. Someone can be well past the age of 21 and still be told they need to grow up. And at the same time someone under the age of 18 can be seen as grown. It’s based on your actions and how you will be perceived based on those actions. For example I wouldn’t expect anyone who only interacts with me in Critical Thinking to think of me as a responsible young adult. (I know how I act in class and I know how I should, I be trying yall I be trying but in this class its hard) But then again there are places where people would have a hard time believing I’m a childish young man who plays Pokemon and eats candy all day. (I also don’t eat vegetables) I know when I am doing irresponsible things and I am also aware of the consequences. When it comes to actions in and dealing with this class specifically I do a lot of things that I look down on when it comes to schooling, especially schooling that isn’t free. Even though I do not pay due to scholarships it is important that I give a certain amount of effort if I would like to continue going to school for free. With all this being said do my responsible actions make me grown up or do my irresponsible actions make me a kid. Its not that easy a thing to decide. Does one make a list and classify themselves by what ever side is longer? I am relatively good when it comes to knowing what I am doing wrong but my laziness often stops me from dealing with it. Do I have to start wearing a nice suits to school and stop watching cartoons to be an adult? If I do then I will never be an adult.

Nietzsche’s Philosophy

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche believed that suffering and failure should be seen as obstacles that are meant to be overcome, and should be welcomed by anyone who seeks happiness. While his theories were not popular he stood firm and even wished brutal hardships to anyone who he felt strongly about. Nietzsche believed that struggle and hard work were necessary for any worthwhile achievement. That nothing comes easy to anyone even if that is how it seems. Hardships alone would not be enough to succeed, one only truly succeeds when finding out how to deal with the hardships. Although failing is awful and no one wants to fail, failure is necessary for a person to keep evolving and continue growing. Without failure there is no success.