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Creating different types of relationships throughout college is very important in regards to our future success in the professional arena. All students come to college with a common goal, the desire of achieving the most knowledge possible to attain degrees that in turn will open doors closed to peoples that don’t posses the same credentials. Learning is one of the the most powerful tools in the world.

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With my college career coming to an end I have realized that more important than grades are the relationships created and maintained over the years. Professors have a duty of teaching us but they’re also the same people we turn to for letters of recommendation when seeking admittance into graduate and masters programs. The way that we presented ourselves in their class,  conversation that they’ve ease dropped on, knowledge of us that we may not even know they knew of now means everything. All these attributes define a person’s true character. Webster defines this as, “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual”. As it may be to late for some to drastically change for immediate purposes, its important that we always seek to fine tune different aspects of our personalities, attitudes and lives to better our character.character


The Influence of Women In Our Society


Women are more valuable than any gift, however to some, not limited to men; do not recognize the full potential of a woman, simply because most women do not recognize the full potential of themselves. Women play many different roles in and outside of the household. For example, if a woman is constricted to the house and it’s up keep, then she is considered to be a housewife. Another category that women might fall into is being is sex symbols. This is the woman who lives her life by the saying “sex sales”. This means that she puts a price on her outer beauty, and any and everything she does is with her sex appeal.  Young girls who have not yet become full grown women are not yet able to classify into being a housewife or a sex symbol.  However, at their tender age they are being molded by their surroundings and the media itself.

A woman is often seen as what you mold her to be at a young age. Meaning, that most likely, whatever she grows up around and have influences of is what will make her the women she grows up to be. If a girl grows up in a neighborhood that has high crime rates and poverty stricken, she most likely will feel limited as to what her future holds. In some instances, you can take the girl out of her element and show her things that she might not be used to, and change her life. Therefore a girl or any child for that matter perception can be altered by an out of nature surrounding experience. Being able to show a girl at a young age her worth in a positive way is one of the best ways to help mold a well-rounded woman.

Even though women have been revealing who they used to be centuries, society still finds ways to degrade women. For instance, in an essay entitled, “From Fly Girls to Bitches and Hos,” Joan Morgan testifies that women in the media are losing the respect that women have worked so diligently to obtain in the first place by letting themselves be classified as bitches, and ho’s. Young girls are growing up seeing that most women get attention because of their sex appeal. However, this is not the image that they want to strive for because of the slander that soon follows their names.  But because no one is there to distinguish the fatal non reality from reality, girls grow up believing that they have to either put out what they have or just be thrown into less important categories of society which may only seem less important because it is less publicized. Because women have let society classify them into categories, we are left wondering how deep the hole we as women have dug ourselves. Meaning how far have we come social wise, to be lead back done the same path of demise. Women are starting to realize that we are more than what society refers to us as only because they are losing value in society as we know it.

Rising Cost in Food

If Congress does not act soon,  47 million americans, in which 1 million being recipents from the state of Louisiana  will be forced to ask themsleves the question of whether $36 a month could hold their kids from starvation.

Unfortunatley Job loss is the main reason why citizens have no other choice but to applyfor the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program currently known as  Food Stamps.

SNAP cuts are soon to take affect if congress votes againist the Increasing budget for food cost, majority of americans are losing jobs and are not able to afford life’s necessities like food and medicine. In my opinion this should not be, America prides itself on being the Most Powerful Country in the World and yet they have millions of its  citizens struggling from pay-check to pay-check to keep meals on the table and many more struggling to get a meal at all. Congress is elected by the people and SHOULD  be for the people, but I’m assuming they are  so focused on Syria’s disorder and  allegations of the recent  use of chemical weapons. President Obama should be using his enthusiasm to persuade Congress to act and vote to keep american families with Jobs and Food Assistance.

But lately all headlines are coming from Obama’s eager to use targeted military strikes against the assad regime. Honestly we need to cut back on military spending and focus on rebuilding the Country, citizens are falling below the poverty line day after day and all we can focus on is some military action that would kill other innocent citizens of syria.

In my findings the US spends $9 trillion on its entire military and when it comes to  spending on Food and Nuitrion it calculates to $75 billion for the fiscal year, Its unfortunate that america’s children are struggling to keep jobs and food and yet it can afford to have military ships anchored in the Mediterranean

AC Transit Strike

For the past several months, Oakland, California union workers have been threatening to go on strike unless the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit comes to a arbitration. All attempted solutions have been rejected and led to an unwary public. If the union were to be successful in striking, Governor Jerry Brown said, “a strike will if permitted to occur, significantly disrupt public transportation services and endanger the public’s health, safety or welfare. AC transit is responsible for an estimated 200,000 bus rides in both Contra Costa and Almeda counties. They have reached an agreement with the union on two separate previous occasions with the most recent one being on October 1st. In efforts to cease increased tension and problems they’ve offered employees a 9.5 percent salary increase over a three year time span. Management of AC transit claims the offer would grant an average salary increase of $5,529 annually. But workers would be responsible for the payments of specified portions of their health insurance premiums.Leaders of the union failed to accept the proposal because strikers medical costs would be to high.

transit strike

Responding to the possibility of a strike the AC Transit Spokesperson, Clarence Johnson said,” We ere hoping we would be in this position.” Similar incidents have occurred with transit systems such as BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). The strike led to a major congested Bay Area. During the strike the alternative methods suggested for travel were the AC Transit, SF Bay Ferry, and carpooling. Since the threats commenced the AC Transit has lost more than 7 percent of its expected rider count which equivocates to roughly $315,000 in fare revenue.

Florida’s Recent Juvenile Cyberbullying


An active investigation is taking place following the recent suicide of, Rebecca Sedwick, who was reported to had been cyber bullied for the past 10 months. Polk’s County sheriff, Grady Judd, had much to say about the incident. If left up to his discretion both of the suspects would be locked up. “If I could, they would already be in jail,” Judd told ABC News. “But I can tell you this, that we’re keeping our options open.” The reasoning behind the resistance to the jailing of the two juvenile suspects is that it would be “contributing to the delinquency of a minor,” the sheriff said.

The two girls, ages 12 and 14, were arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault for the torment that ultimately led to 12 year old Rebecca’s death. She jumped from a concrete silo tower on September 9th. “When I stood there at the base of the cement tower, and saw that baby, that 12 year old, deceased on the ground, it broke my heart and I know it would break the hearts of everyone across the country if they were in the position I was in,” said Sheriff Judd.

In addition to the cyber bullying, Rebecca’s mother said she had been physically attacked on several occasions. Her mother withdrew her from Crystal Lake Middle School in Pompano Beach, Florida in efforts to end the bullying. She claims to have made several reports to the school regarding the issue along with an online bullying report because she felt as if the school failed in taking the necessary steps.

Parents of the accused initially reported that their children’s accounts had been hacked. Judd responded to that claim saying, “Yeah, that’s baloney. Those parents have cared from the very beginning.” An incident such as this would make one question why did the parents allow their kids to stay on Facebook any longer.


Better Food for a Better Life

      At the beginning of 2012 the Aricultural Department required that schools follow a more strict feeding guideline put in place to aid with the growing health problem children are seeing at younger ages. This program is federally subsidized. Not all schools are agreeing to follow the guidelines. Those in opposition say that they are difficult and expensive to follow. With its main goal being to stem childhood obesity levels. Acoording to the National Health and Nutritional Surveys approximately 7.5 million children between the ages of 6 and 18 are obese. Increases such as these have been apparent across all racial group but are more prominent in a few.
The shools that follow the rules are reimbursed, given federal tax dollars for the free and low cost meals given to low income students. Schools with a smaller population of kids living in pocverty have a better chance of operating outside of programs such as these. A large portion of food officials believe that they face problems putting standards in place which is closely associated with food costs and availability, time required to train employees to follow the new guidelines and lack of proper equipment to prepare the healthier meals.
Rather than just solely depend on programs such as these to guide adolescents to healthier lifestyles I feel like an emphasis can be put on exercise. In all grade levels kids are required to be active in an athletic class if not and actual team of some sort. The curriculums that are set in place can also be altered to make it more rigorous and affective to those participating.