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Is it Possible to Terminate Human Trafficking Problem?


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According to Michael S. Schmidt of New York Times, about 159 men were caught and charged with forcing young girls as young as 13 years of age into prostitution in July of 2013. This is a case of human trafficking. defined Human Trafficking as “an organized criminal activity in which human beings are treated as possessions to be controlled and exploited (as by being forced into prostitution or involuntary labor)”, but we will be focusing on the prostitution part of its definition in this debate. The first known usage of this was in 1988–or so claims. But my real query is, if this topic was first known since 1988, then why did it take this long (to August of 2013) for anyone to think about prosecuting the sex buyers too (Lauren Hersh)?! Were the laws even serious about eliminating this horrid problem in the first place?! What was stopping the government officials and other highly educated people to not think of this first step to a solution in the first place?! Or is it this kind of problem not problematic enough to think more about? What if it happened to their loved ones, would that make them think about this matter more seriously?

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Anyway, I totally agree with the idea that the laws need to prosecute the sex buyers too. However, I think that imprisonment for these perverts are not good enough because if we put them into jail, then we are paying for them with our taxes money—which is totally unreasonable and rather stupid of us, considering we do have other more important issues we need to focus on at the moment. No, I’m not saying that we should let them go at all unpunished. And I don’t think killing them for their crime is ethical. If I were to have a say in this matter, or propose an idea to the laws makers, then my idea is: please have them neutered to serve as a warning for all. Of course, do let them who have not have children freeze their sperms before the process.

Having these perverts neutered is a positive thing because, this punishment will warn the other perverts (who may be lucky enough not to have been caught) a general idea of what can happen if they don’t stop trying to buy sex from forced young children. Also, this punishment will prevent these perverts from playing their part—which is big because they are the consumers—in this human trafficking crime. If there is no consumer, I believe human trafficking for prostitution will cease to exist.

Apparently, buying can be criminal activity

Even though I should have gotten used to all of the ridiculousness in this world, there is one story that still got me totally confused and in so much questions about today laws and society in general: According to yahoo’s news on November of 2012, a man named Jian sued his wife for giving birth to an ugly child and won the case because he was viewed as a victim of a supposed fraud marriage. Jian Feng claimed to have fallen in love with his “pretty” wife before they got married, but when their baby girl was born and looked not too pleasant to the eyes, he did some research and found out that his wife had thousands of dollars plastic surgery. The story was brought to case afterward with him being claimed as a victim… because he fell in love with an image….

I really don’t understand this whole situation at all. How can he possibly be the victim when it was his own fault for falling for the image she brought with money? When a person has money, there are things she/he would want to buy. And in today world, beauty is just another one of those things that can be brought. What is the big deal, anyway? If the child is ugly, then go buy the child some beauty when that child grows up. It is not like the man or his wife cannot afford it–calculating from the lawyers feeds and all else.

Personally, I think the real victim here is the child, so young and already having the majority of this world judging her, laughing at her, for having such inconsiderate parents. Yes, his wife was ugly, but she totally looks different now that no one can tell, so if he had just swallowed his pride and silently separated with his wife, whom I’m assuming that he can no longer live with dues to her lie to him. then the majority of this world wouldn’t have known of his “misfortune”. What’s with people like this man these days, when you have a wound, all must know? What happened to silencing the bad and broadcasting the good news? Has he no shame?!



Possible Upcoming Food-shortage Solution


(image’s source:

Environmental artist Ai Hasegawa came up with a well thought out solution to the upcoming shortage of food problem in this world in 2012–the idea was to give birth to something we can eat like sharks or dolphins. After reading her plan (at “I want to give birth to a shark”), I think she is heading towards the right direction even with a plan so far-fetched at this moment. For example, it was not that long ago that there was not any plane for anyone to catch to go to the next continent. Communicating with people around the globe through emails or youtube videos did not even exist less than 100 years ago either. It is just another new idea– this eating the creatures you (if you are a female) or your women (if you are a male) would help creature. I mean, during starvation periods, people ate tree barks or insects or dirt or whatever they could find. We might be thinking that it is gross or unethical at this moment, but it is no different from us using animals to advance our medicine. We are saving lives– our own, in this case, just like if you are a solider in a war: it is either them or you who must die –and it is far from the frown at cannibalism that some people still are practicing anyway.

Let’s face it, more and more people are being born each day and not enough people dying–yes, even with the wars. The food source is becoming more and more less. Classmate JerMarkus even posted about food stamp decreasing its funds for the increasing jobless Americans dues to our government’s bias about going to war. Since we are one of the top leading nations of this world, and more and more of our people are going to be starved, just think about the other nations– especially the undeveloped ones where there are more poor people than rich people. How are they surviving when food are for those who can afford it? With this idea of giving birth to something we can eat– and remember that it is not even our offspring, meaning that it won’t look like us at all– the reason people die due to hunger would cease to exist.