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School Dreams

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Lately I think that I am slowly going more insane. I mean, I kept dreaming of school works whenever I got the chance to sleep more than 5 hours. My first dream was about my Korean teacher giving me an essay to write. I wrote it in English, but then she told me that I must redo it and it must be written in complete Korean. I remember checking my phone immediately after waking up from that dream to see if she had sent me any message like that. Then my most recent dream involved this class. I dreamed that Ms Homan sent me an email telling me to redo my portion on the essay for my group because whatever I had written was unbearable. The funny part was that the me in my dream told my friends that I would rather go deal with the giant spider than redo that essay. I think that me thought that I would have had a living chance with the spider, or that me really had lost it. What really was scary was that after I took a shower that day, I saw an email by Ms Homan on my phone. You wouldn’t believe how relieved I had felt when I found out that it wasn’t her telling me to redo my part on the essay because really, there isn’t a giant spider for me to take on since I’m awake. Lol.

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But anyway, in general, what I really don’t like about school is that teachers keep giving students pile after pile of works when finals near. I mean, why are they torturing the students like this? When finals approach, all of the teachers told the students that there is a final project that is worth like 10 to 20% of the overall grade (if there is no final exam for their class). And as a student who relies on academic scholarship, I cannot afford to slack off on any of the given projects.  

The worst part is that sometimes those final projects are due on the same day. I wonder why teachers must do that? Couldn’t they space out the due dates?!  

It’s not really funny when I’m stuck trying to finish each of those projects, but when I’m done with all those projects and had my many hours of sleep, I would be okay and laugh at the me who had lived on coffee and tugging hair to stay awake.

Kids and Family Guy

Is it okay for a 12 years old to watch Family Guy?

Right now, my little brother is watching Family Guy and seems to be enjoying it way too much.

He is watching the episode where Peter lost his memory.

I don’t know how much he understands, but he adores Stewie. In this episode, in the beginning, when the host, of the game show the Griffin goes to, asks Louis what is your favorite holiday? Stewie answers that it was nine eleven. My brother thinks it is funny how mean Stewie can be.

In this episode, there is hint of sex between Peter and Louis as well as Peter and others.

I don’t think this is good for him to watch, but I’m not our mom so I can’t really say what he can and cannot watch.

Anyway, he already finished all the episodes of Futurama and is on his way to complete American Dad as well.

He is turning out to be really evil, but he is not harming anyone except being so cheeky with his words. I don’t really see the harm of watching these shows for him so far except that these shows are giving him a sense of the adult world a little too soon.

But as long as he knows that it is not okay to stab someone like Bender or hijack a car like Stewie or whatever other crazy stuff those shows promote, then I guess I won’t have to tell my parents to ban him because I had watched these shows when I was a kid too and I still turned out okay. That was, back then, even though I was watching all of these shows, I didn’t really understand most of the stuff that was going on. I wonder just how much of the situation can he understand.


When Nature Becomes Garbage

Phi Phi Islands 308

Phi Phi Island is an island in the south of Thailand. It is one of Thailand’s attractions. Blue sky and clear crystal clear water—it is a tropical paradise. Although it does have many typhoons (and sometimes tsunami) in the summer, but that fact won’t discourage tourists who seek a paradise that resembles Hawaii but charges only 1/3 of Hawaii’s price.   

Now, tourists bring in business for the locals who live there, which is a good thing. However, many of these tourists have no sense of respect for the place others people live at all. Just look at the picture below!  


When I went to Phi Phi Island 2 summers ago with a friend, this was the site that first greeted us when the ship docked. We had to walk to our hotel on the hill, but on our way, we had to pass through a hill of smelly trash!

I was too beyond upset so I wasn’t able to take pictures, and my friend didn’t want the pictures of an ugly surrounding either. But after we talked to the hotel staffs, we were directed to another beach, about 30 minutes walk away, on the other side of the island—a private beach owned by the other hotels. That beach was absolutely like the first picture, just without the ships.

We questioned the staffs why there was so much trash; their response was that “tourists” and that “you were charged for the trash picked up, yes?”

We said, “Yes, we paid like about 1 dollar each, but still why so much trash?”  

“It can’t be helped. We need workers to tend to customers.”

I think I understood:  their lives are hard so they focus on how to survive more.

But it’s still upsetting to know that the island will eventually be a pile of trash if this keeps up.

A possible solution if the island is closed for a week or so. They can just get bulldozer trucks to pick up the trash along the beach and clear the hill of trash I saw (located further inside). Afterward, they can resume their businesses.

And then enforces a rule that whoever litters the newly clean beach would be fine 100 USD and banned from the island or get jailed in Thailand prison for a few weeks. I heard that Thailand’s prison is no joke, so with this much of strictness, the island can be saved.     


Sources for Pictures


How old is too old for “childhood” things?

Am I too old for a Teddy Bear?

I’m 22 years old right now, but recently I got myself a life size teddy bear. He’s all fuzzy and soft and just adorable! I was so happy after I got him from Rouse that I took a picture of him and showed it to my classmates the day after.

Ernest was so mean; he told me that I’m too old for that thing and something about “it ain’t real” and I told him to shut up or something along those lines. But that was just Ernest, so I just ignored him.

My other classmates said it was okay or showed no difference.

But then my mom saw it and said, “My God, are you a child?”

Well, my brother is 12 years old and he still sleeps with his little penguin and Yoshi and Pokemon stuffed animals–was my reply.

She just walked away…. and then she told her friends about it and they had a good laugh at me. I made note to put extra spicy pepper in their food the next time they come and eat at my house.

And then yesterday I found out that my friend’s mom still has beanie babies. She has had them for 30 something years, so I felt better.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I don’t think that there needs to be an age limit to when one must stop liking things from childhood. I’m not harming anyone with liking my teddy bear, so stop laughing at me. It’s annoying. But these kind of words I cannot say to them because it’s rude…. Okay, I really don’t care if it’s rude. I would have said it if my mom would still cook for me if I made rude comments to he friends.

Why do I have to be so unfortunate to have these type of people around me?!

Why can’t they just be okay that I’m happy with my bear and not planning their demise?!

Really, people these days are too much!






The more we advanced, the less of humane we become

I pass by some homeless people on my way home and to somewhere every time I go into the city. It just makes me feel bad when I see them. This uncomfortable feeling gets worse in the winter time because I remember that one time I talked to a homeless person; she told me that she needed a dollar and something cents to get into the New Orleans Mission home for homeless people. I can understand why the shelter would charge for money, but to charge the homeless people for money is unreasonable–in my opinion–because they are already homeless! Why would you make them ask other people for money to get into a place that is set out for them to stay on brutal nights?! Don’t you know that some people can barely afford to live from day to day, so why do you even expect them to help others when they can barely help themselves?!

I know that USA is a country where everyone is for himself or herself, but what about our taxes money?! If we can spent billions of dollars of taxes money on a war that is really not ours to even be in, then why not help our homeless people?!  Just because someone is homeless, does that make that person not a human? Don’t people with a job know that not all of these homeless people have a choice for this type of lifestyle?! Like war veterans, after the war, they are not needed anymore from the military, but then they cannot get a regular job! If we treat people who gambled their lives for ours like this, then doesn’t this say quite something about our nation even without using any word?

It’s just sad how the majority people of today can ignore this because they are so caught up with having the next latest technology at the moment. It feel like for every step we take forward to an advanced future, we would take more than 2 steps backward with our compassion for our fellow humans.

A death out of love or is it insanity speaking?



According to NBC News, 68 year old John Wise, in order for him to not be imprisoned in Ohio prison, will have to plea for an insanity moment when he shot his suffering wife of 65. He did it out of love, claimed writer Jeff Black of NBC News.

The situation was that his wife was suffering and he wanted to get her out of her suffering so he shot her, but she did not die until the next day—is what I can conclude from the article.

If I were him, I would have not pleaded insanity. What I am getting is that he really knew what he was doing. He wanted her to end her suffering so he chose the gun. What he did, to me, is the same as someone who would pull the plug for a loved one who is in a vegetable state. If pulling the plug is legal and can considered ethical, then why is Mr. Wise charged for trying to ease his wife pain? Is this what would be called a double standard situation?

Granted, I don’t know much about the situation. I don’t know if she could have been cured or not with the illness she had, but I think it must have been the only realistic choice for him to have done that, because if he is a good husband like the article has claimed, then her state of living/level of suffering must have been really bad. I mean, it is not every day that a man would just go kill his wife to put her out of her misery. It was a tough choice because she was the one he loves and not just some stranger or an animal. I mean, if my cat is suffering, I would pull the trigger on him too.  

If it were you and you are in that situation, I wonder what would you choose to do?

To accept or not to online pals’ meeting request?

Would you ever meet an online friend in real life?

I have this blog online for the past few years or so. My blog covers like almost everything under the sun. I don’t give away too much personal information, just that I’m a girl who loves art and things and stuff. I even have an alias, and I’m assuming they are doing the same. On my blog I have met interesting people and we get along pretty well, considering I can go on for hours with them people through IRC just going on from topic to topics. While this isn’t the first time I was asked to meet up with them in person, but I’m really thinking about this meeting since it’s a group meeting instead of a one-to-one like those other offers. The time is this coming summer and the place is Osaka, Japan. This came up after I mentioned that I would be traveling with friends from childhood to Japan for 2 weeks before spending the rest of the summer touring other Asian countries on a tour group—a graduation gift from my parents.

I’m thinking that it would be okay since some of my traveling companions are guys, and as long as I don’t go alone with any of these people I know online, I should be okay. But I told my best friend (who will be traveling with me too) about it and he looked at me like… (insert a stare down like that of parents vs children here)…. I know that he will be coming with me if I keep begging for it, but the truth is I really don’t know if I really want to go through with all this craziness. My other friends are okay with this; they actually want to meet those people…

It could be dangerous, these online people might be actual perverts or in the human trafficking business people keep telling me about. But what if they turn out to be fun and just like how they are when we talk online? I would really be missing out. Since one of them people is a resident of Osaka, she will be our tour guide too, seeing how she is interested in meeting Americans to try out her English.

I still don’t know. It won’t happen until May of 2014, so I will have plenty of time to think, I guess.

Would you want a change that resulted in death just to fit in?


According to ABC news, A’zhari and A’zhiah were formerly conjoined twins, but on October 13, 2013, after 6 months of separation, A’zhari died. The cause of death is not released to the public. The news said that the family does not want the public to know so the hospital is withholding the information. But, to me, this action only increased the interest of others.

The biggest question: Should the twins have been separated?

Was it the fault of the family who separated them even though the chance of one of the twins would die was already given just so the formerly conjoined twins could have a “normal life”?

Or was it the doctors’ fault? The doctors who wanted to have achieved an accomplishment of being able to performed a critical surgery ignored the chance of the survival for the twins?

In my opinion, the twins shouldn’t have been separated. Were they about to die if they did not get separated? God had made them that way and God had given them breaths, so who are we to separate them?

I can understand the parents’ view of wanting their twins to have a normal life, a life that people will not stare at either of them when they go out in public. But is that ideal of a view worth losing a daughter over?

Did they not think of how A’zhiah would feel when she grows up and finds out that the surviving rate for either of them was low? She could come to be afraid of her own parents, because this is ultimately the parents’ decision–which I don’t even doubt since it is the parents who must sign the consent to operate form. In other words, you lost one daughter to death and the other is afraid of you. Is being normal even worth this much anguish, this ironically horrid outcome?

What is being normal anyway? If they could live as they were, then why changed for the better that involved a risk? Why did they have to be greedy and gambled to lose when to win was to have done nothing?

In all seriousness though, I’m mad that this tragedy happened when it could have not been. I mean, it’s the life of an innocent baby girl! There are many things  in this world that can be used to take a chance, to gamble with the odd, but to do so with a life should never be on the list.




Break up, a simplistic complexity

Relationship is complicated and can be troublesome when it ends. The things that should be said, must be said and must not be said–those things should be thought of properly before saying them to the other involved party. But what is more troublesome is how and when and where should all of this just end.

Thoughts like ‘Can we still be friends afterward? Does he still want to remain as friends afterward? Do I still want to be his friend afterward? Should we know each other when we would cross each other on the streets afterward? Or shouldn’t we know each other at all?’ can make a person… indecisive, as if indifferent.

At one point, one person just got up and flew away.

No notes, no apology, nothing.

But it concluded. They were both free.

Once in a while, the person who went away would reflect:

It was the right thing, wasn’t it? It was a conclusion that won’t be troublesome.

Things like leaving a note, an apology, or whatever is an unneeded attachment. That kind of connection won’t do either any good.

There comes a day when the roads are once again briefly intersected: the meeting should be that of strangers, the first greeting redone.

Therefore, it is the first greeting. The only greeting so far.

That implies a “don’t meet again”.

Should that even be the implication?

“I’m sorry,” isn’t something to be said when one isn’t fully into it. Didn’t this kind of conversation happen once before? Halfhearted apology is useless, unwanted. Won’t do it–already chosen and told to.

What was it again, the sentence after that?

“Evil”, wasn’t it?

And after that was something cheeky.

Was it a misfortune to have met?

Hmm… Don’t take all the blame.

… … … … …


Hey, do say something. Laugh even. Or something that shows the state of living. Don’t make other worry. That is…

What? Everyone isn’t the same, so don’t expect the same result. It would be so boring.

Hey, let’s do what was said after the sentence after the sentence–the cheeky sentence and its shadow: Forget it and move on.

It’s been so long now. Even trying with it all to recall it is…

Some parts are filled in with “special talent” to make sense.

Hmm… Looking at this, the possibility of having been a bully like person even back then too is….


Complexity isn’t all that great, so like the want of not apologizing halfheartedly–it shall not be done too.


Prompt Source:

In Spanish class, some questions were asked: Would you break up over the text message or email? Would you still remain as friends, after breaking up?

Answer Source: Self with character mode attached.

Should kids have and iphone 5s?

In this day and age (of technology), it seems like everyone has a smartphone. But, really, what should be the age limit for a kid to have a smartphone like an iPhone, because according to the article above at, it is okay for 11 years old to have an iPhone? It’s really troublesome because my 12 years old brother (7th grader) is asking (and won’t stop even for a day) for an iPhone 5s because (directly quoting from him): “All the kids in my school have a smartphone and some are younger than me! I’m left out! You don’t know how I feel! You said I can have one when I get straight A’s! It’s so unfair!”

As a person who grew up with technology, I can understand his reasoning. However, I didn’t get my first regular phone until I entered high school (in 2006 I think), and that was because I went to a school without bus transportation and needed to phone my mom to pick me up after school. My brother has a bus to his faraway school… and he does have a regular phone to make calls. But he said that he needed an iPhone to talk to his friends about its technologies because “everyone always goes iPhone this or Samsung that and our teacher lets us use smartphones to listen to music in 4th period.” I just looked at him and told him that he can do that on his laptop (which his school provided for all kids) or iPad or iPod (which he never uses). His reply was that it won’t be the same since he can’t face time his friends or talk to it like he could with a iPhone S–which he does regularly with my iPhone 4s at home. I just think that he’s at a showing off phase, or that he’s really addicted to technology–which can become problematic. Maybe, to help keep this issue from expanding, I should just bring him to the temple for a month to show that he can live without wifi and whatever else on the must have list these days.

Honestly, I think he shouldn’t get one since he’s so forgetful: he might lose it. And we have to get a 2 year contact with one of the 3 carriers that won’t work when we go oversea during the summer because it would be locked to US carrier. His reply was that he can have one of the shops oversea unlocked it, but I told him if anything happened afterward, he won’t be able to get it upgrade. The evil little thing just said that there are ways around that too. Where did he learn this, or is this just his desperation talking?

At the moment, he is still determined to get his iPhone 5s, and I’m still looking at him, trying to decide.