are standardized test fair?

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Standardize testing is used to make sure that every child is being educated properly and is on track with their states education system. These test hold material that are “suppose” to be fundamental rules. I personally do not believe that standardized testing is a good method because it test every child based on what they “should” know when every child learns differently and every schooling enviroment is different.

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 Some children attend good schools where the things that are on these test are usually taught in nice enviroment. Some children attend schools where the enviroment isn’t very pleasent and they have to constantly defend themselves. Some children come from homes were they can their education seriously because they from a home with few problems. Some children come from homes where they can’t take school seriously because they have issues going on at home, these students often times have many absencses. I’m providing these examples to say that not every situation is the same so how can a test on standard material give background on students that live in a not so standard world.

 I personally found standardize tests not to be very difficult because i was able to focus on my education. I usually scored the average score that most students in the state or country had and i was considered a smart student. Other students didn’t fair so well because they had many issues going on at home.

 I feel that standardized test should be removed and students should be given test made for the area they live in.

One thought on “are standardized test fair?

  1. JerMarkus

    Unfortunately we live in a society where rich kids are taught and poor kids are tested.

    Standardized test is a waste of time, the education system, forces kids across the nation to take test on material that has not been covered in the classroom.

    The test is suppose to see how well the students are comprehending what’s being taught in class, but teachers are simply following the curriculums that come from the administration.

    These standardized test are basically set up as a barrier to stop students from excelling in life. once a student has failed a test they began to feel un- educated and in certain situations most would drop out.

    Students are not being taught to excel in their fields of study, they are to busy being concerned with the test that says by law if you do not pass you will not graduate high school.

    Personally, being a victim of these unknown test I’ve seen classmates who did exceptionally well and some did not and those who did not began to become uninterested in school and a statistic of Injustice system.
    I always questioned what about the students who perform below expectations? who will assist them?


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