…And Holiday Cheer

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As I reflect on an eventful, fun, lightly stressed, laid back semester, I am reminded of previous laborious, demanding semesters that left me worn out. i can truly say that I am thoroughly happy to say that I am a GRADUATING senior!  For me, the fall was always the hardest because the classes were harder, financial aid was a pet peeve, and not to mention miscellanous, uncontrollable visits that were unwelcomed.

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The most stressing aspect of this fall was the LSAT. I think it’s fair to say that most graduating seniors find their senior year very stressful because we are trying the balance classwork and graduate, law, and/or medical school applications. I was preparing for the LSAT the entire semester, and I’m quite thankful that I only have 12 credit hours. It’s not easy to balance the two, but it is possible.

Now that spring will be creeping upon us soon, anxiety and stress will creep in. It ‘s not just waiting anxiety, but the ultimate question: “How will we deal with REAL life after   undergrad?” It’s something we all must face one day, and for us, it’s a lot more sooner than we think.  And at the end of the day, fear  of the unknown is what scares us the most.

So as I and several of my classmates celebrate our winter break with our families, in the back of our minds we will be thinking of LIFE in the midst of holiday cheer. For me, I already feel it. It’s not just fear, it’s excitement and  eagerness. We’ve made it half-way through the year, and it’s almost surreal. It’s amazing how time flies and how soon you’re forced to become an adult.

As I close this final blog, I am happy to know that in themodst of holiday cheer, I have had an awesome semester and I’m looking forward to my last semester.


Happy holidays everyone!!!

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