A Sense of History

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People always tend to lose track of history. When debatable issues arise, personal feelings or irrational thinking usually clouds people intelligence. For example, Hip Hop tends to have these affect on people. For Lil Wayne to be your favorite artist is understandable but discredit the history and legacy of a Big Daddy Kane is absolutely crazy. In order to understand a full culture of hip hop, you have to do your research; know your history a little bit. An artist inspiration, especially in hip hop/rap, is drawn from multiple sources. A person does not wake one morning and decides they wanna become a hip hop artist. An artist inspiration can come from environment, family life, friends, politics, and multiple other places; small or big. Hip hop artist “look up” to other artist. Rappers inspire each other and have competitive nature to the profession they chose. Hip hop has a large amount of artist but only the “best” artist not only understand the business but also know the history that is associated with the culture they decided participate in. For example Shawn Carter, Jay Z, is one if the most successful influential of our time. Jay-Z knows his history of the industry and the music which has allowed him to become the artist he is today. Knowing who crafted and molded the industry before allows most artist to shape into some decent to great rappers; some even being poetically gifted. ¬†Fourty years later into hip hop, the landscape has changed. Majority of the artist that are coming out now struggle to maintain some type of status and quickly turn to one hit wonders. The quality of lyrics has completely gone down and it seem artist are lost. Not saying that certain elements of hip hop they bring to the table are wrong but once a sense of history is discovered, hip hop can return to its rare artistry it used to be.


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