What will the effects of Obamacare be?

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The Affordable Health Care Act or Obama Care is a form of healthcare reform that will change the dynamics of the way health care is obtained, distributed and lost in the United States. Obama Care is the result of years of debate between all political parties for a better health care system. The Affordable Health Care Act holds over one thousand pages of reform for health insurance companies.

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Things that will change with the introduction if Obama Care include; before Obama Care people were able to be denied because of pre-existing conditions, women were able to be charged more by insurance companies because of the great amount of time they spend at hospitals while pregnant and people were able to be dropped from their insurance policies during mid-treatment because they made mistakes on their applications. One of the most important things Obama Care does is expand Medicaid and Medicare and offer cost assistance to those that can’t afford health insurance.

Although The Health Care Reform Act was signed into law in 2010 in hasn’t went into full effect. The new policies that are explained in the Health Care Reform Act are put into place year by year. The whole is expected to be in effect by the year 2022. Obama will provide insurance cuts for people that make less than $200,000 and people who have businesses that have 25 full time employees or less. How do you feel about Obama Care and do think that it’ll have positive or negative effects on you?

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