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Creating different types of relationships throughout college is very important in regards to our future success in the professional arena. All students come to college with a common goal, the desire of achieving the most knowledge possible to attain degrees that in turn will open doors closed to peoples that don’t posses the same credentials. Learning is one of the the most powerful tools in the world.

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With my college career coming to an end I have realized that more important than grades are the relationships created and maintained over the years. Professors have a duty of teaching us but they’re also the same people we turn to for letters of recommendation when seeking admittance into graduate and masters programs. The way that we presented ourselves in their class,  conversation that they’ve ease dropped on, knowledge of us that we may not even know they knew of now means everything. All these attributes define a person’s true character. Webster defines this as, “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual”. As it may be to late for some to drastically change for immediate purposes, its important that we always seek to fine tune different aspects of our personalities, attitudes and lives to better our character.character


Media on Girls Self Esteem


I thought this group did a great job with addressing the effects of media on girls’ self-esteem and how it’s not good how the media thinks it’s okay to let girls feel like it’s okay to live this false life. Michael gave great background information on how media has come a long way and what’s the way to describe beauty has changed overtime. I personally feel that media has a strong impact on the way girls feel about themselves. Fashion and the way you should look evolve every day. One minute, natural beauty is acceptable, and then the next minute you should have a bunch of makeup on your face looking like Krusty the Klown. I know as a female, I’ve even fallen into the hype of media influencing me. I’ll be honest, sometimes watching the videos of certain songs do make me want to change things. But then I realized that I’m comfortable in the skin I’m in and keeping up with the Joneses takes money and time. Girls and guys need to understand that this media world is not real. Those people are sometimes photo shopped and that’s not even their real bodies. I love the way Antonio had SoundBites of people that go to Dillard, and how they feel about media as well. It’s always good to get a second opinion on how someone feels about the same topic as you. Women need to know that we are all created in different sizes, colors, shapes, and everyone has something about them that makes them different, so why would you want to look like the next person. It’s really something to think about but overall, the group’s presentation was good, with really informative information about media affecting young women. Being a women myself, I felt like I could relate to this topic, so kudos to group 2.

Human Trafficking

I thought the human trafficking presentation was well put together. The group did an exceptional job with the information and the facts they gave regarding the topic. This is an issue that needs to seriously be addressed. I couldn’t fathom my child being kidnapped and used for sex and labor. It’s sad that some people agree with this and think that this issue is okay. The stories and movies that you watch are traumatizing as this really happens in everyday life. I would never want to live in those countries where human trafficking exists. The group had really informative information about human trafficking and the differences between labor trafficking and sex trafficking. I really feel that this issue needs to stop because people are to be treated as human beings; I look at human trafficking as a form of slavery, and I thought slavery ended a long time ago. It’s really a sad situation to hear, and know that girls as young as 6 years old are engaging in those types of activities, being forced to do that, and some parents are okay with their child being touched. This is a very unfortunate situation for some people. I’ve seen the movie Taken and its shows how people are out to lure you and sell you into that type of stuff. Luckily, the girl had a protective father that looked for her and got her back. With human trafficking, some children are taken and they will never see their loved ones again. The group also focused on the United States and India, which was informative. I knew children were abducted, but I didn’t think human trafficking was bad in the United States. It really was a shocker when Gary said that annually human trafficking brings in about 950 billion dollars. That’s a lot of money from no good people. The group really did a superb job of informing me and making me aware that this is a situation that needs to be addressed and stopped. I wish people had a heart to know that this is a hurtful situation to any parent that has to witness their child being used for labor reasons and for sexual reasons. More people need to be compassionate about this issue and use the Golden Rule

The effect of alcohol on children and families

Drugs and alcohol have proven to alter people’s relationships. Both drugs and alcohol can cause depression and loneliness. People who often drink or use drugs have their mental states altered by these things and sometime act irrationally or not like themselves, this may be an issue for love ones and the people that are around them the most.
Children of alcoholics are proven to develop differently from other children. According to the National Association for Children of Alcoholics. Children of alcoholics are more likely to develop their parents’ problems because their parent are not themselves when they drink. The children of alcoholics usually gravitate to other adults or older adolescents.
I am not a heavy drinker and I do not used drugs as a form of stimulation therefor, I’ll never know what people that use these things heavily go through. My uncle is a heavy drinker and while understand that he is still a human being, some don’t and find him unbearable when he drinks. When he’s sober everyone tries to talk with him and find out what’s wrong with him but no one ever gets far. Although my uncle is a loving person, I know first-hand that people find him hard to deal with when he allows alcohol to alter his state of mind.
Families are often times broken up because of individuals that are heavy users of alcohol or drugs. Some families find that person unbearable or the individual that is an alcoholic or drug addict may bring problems whenever they are stimulated. Do you think that people should be treated differently because they are heavy drug or alcohol users?

The Influence of Women In Our Society


Women are more valuable than any gift, however to some, not limited to men; do not recognize the full potential of a woman, simply because most women do not recognize the full potential of themselves. Women play many different roles in and outside of the household. For example, if a woman is constricted to the house and it’s up keep, then she is considered to be a housewife. Another category that women might fall into is being is sex symbols. This is the woman who lives her life by the saying “sex sales”. This means that she puts a price on her outer beauty, and any and everything she does is with her sex appeal.  Young girls who have not yet become full grown women are not yet able to classify into being a housewife or a sex symbol.  However, at their tender age they are being molded by their surroundings and the media itself.

A woman is often seen as what you mold her to be at a young age. Meaning, that most likely, whatever she grows up around and have influences of is what will make her the women she grows up to be. If a girl grows up in a neighborhood that has high crime rates and poverty stricken, she most likely will feel limited as to what her future holds. In some instances, you can take the girl out of her element and show her things that she might not be used to, and change her life. Therefore a girl or any child for that matter perception can be altered by an out of nature surrounding experience. Being able to show a girl at a young age her worth in a positive way is one of the best ways to help mold a well-rounded woman.

Even though women have been revealing who they used to be centuries, society still finds ways to degrade women. For instance, in an essay entitled, “From Fly Girls to Bitches and Hos,” Joan Morgan testifies that women in the media are losing the respect that women have worked so diligently to obtain in the first place by letting themselves be classified as bitches, and ho’s. Young girls are growing up seeing that most women get attention because of their sex appeal. However, this is not the image that they want to strive for because of the slander that soon follows their names.  But because no one is there to distinguish the fatal non reality from reality, girls grow up believing that they have to either put out what they have or just be thrown into less important categories of society which may only seem less important because it is less publicized. Because women have let society classify them into categories, we are left wondering how deep the hole we as women have dug ourselves. Meaning how far have we come social wise, to be lead back done the same path of demise. Women are starting to realize that we are more than what society refers to us as only because they are losing value in society as we know it.

Sweet Dreams

Instead of discussing current events tonight, I decided to reveal a creative writing sketch. I’m an English major, so I write in my spare time. Let me know what you think!

I saw you in my dreams last night. Or at least I thought I did. I could’ve sworn that was you wearing playful laughter, delivering crude jokes, and staring deeply into my eyes, If I don’t know by now, I guess I never will. At least that’s what they say. Forgetting you was apart of my plan, but from time to time I recall remnants of you.

Never thought puppy-love could evolve into an endless, painful love that served as an insatiable thirst for fresh air. Instead, the moon and the stars aligned tonight. He is your horcrux. Oooooh…just my type!  Well, at least physically; tall, dark-skinned with a mahogany, toned huskiness. Kissable full lips, beautiful, dark brown eyes coverting nostalgic memories of abandonment. Yes, abandonment. That’s one thing I’ll always remember about you-you were abandoned too.

The burning office wasn’t the only thing that burned that night. Your soul was burning with incessant questions: “Why me? Daddy, don’t you still love me? How could you abandon me?” Your dad left you and your mom to fend for yourself in the brutal, Indiana winter. I’m sorry it happened. But more importantly, I’m sorry WE never happened. We could’ve been so much more.

I guess that attracted me, huh? Hmmm…your pain turned into love and I tasted its sensitivity. I missed that. How sensitive you could be while being an asshole at the same time. So tall, brown, and handsome. You were my baby…

But as I sit here and reminisce about last night, I refuse to ignore our love. The cold, December nights, making love with our kisses by the river, the carnal desire of foreplay, but most of all, your soul. Your soul. Your beautiful, priceless soul. Your soul is what I miss. It’s empty now. No more affection for us. Well at least not from each other.


Sweet dreams. I could’ve sworn I saw you in my dreams last night.

Jochem Hendricks

jochem_hendricks7 Hendricks_zuerich_5 Hendricks_zuerich_1 Copy-of-JH-Concetti-02-PHO-copy

Jochem Hendricks is an artist from Germany, whose works are inspired by his own financial flux. His interview from The New Art Gallery Walsall shows his aluminum, gold, copper and other precious metal pieces that were affected by firearms to give them a sense of brutality beneath their beauty. Other works include vessels made of smelted grains of sand which he paid illegal immigrants to count, questioning the value of labor. Hendricks also shows otherwise failed casted porcelain sculptures in a way that they are still intact, but disproportionate, cracked, bent, and other imperfections.

Jochem Hendricks also introduced the art world to eye tracker technology, a programmed system where he could draw with his eyes to make an image. The art world rejected his idea, saying that it used too many machines to be rendered human, and was much less art than design oriented. But the audience enjoyed it, and he says that’s all that matters. These works were shown in the 1990’s and are still in circulation in Europe and other countries.

One of Hendricks’ serieses is “Concetti”, which are made by piercing or puncturing various surfaces including, canvas, gold, copper and aluminum with firearms. They look like high-end hotel decorations until Jochem deciphers their intended meanings. The damage looks like Jochem may have inflicted them by dropping rocks from a very high altitude, but by doing so with guns, it changes the meaning.

    Hendricks’ “Luxury Avatar” series is another one that was shown at the New Art Gallery Walsall. The series is composed of porcelain cast sculptures of Hendricks’ own body, where all but one failed during the curing process. He shows the successful sculpture with a gold plated head, neck and collar. That is all the gold he could afford at the time so he stopped it there to symbolize his then-maximum financial strength. Going broke to contribute to that one piece of art cost him the other luxuries he was used to, a feat that many artists aren’t willing to embrace.

    Another of Hendricks’ works in the exhibit was the porcelain dog sculptures. He didn’t really go into detail about what they meant, but he said that people like dogs… I wish he didn’t show this piece, and that’s all i can say about it. It kinda fails tremendously when sitting aside the others in my honest opinion. All I could think was, “Why put this crap in the show if it has nothing to do with the other pieces?”.

    The last works he showed was the pieces that he did with his eye tracker technology. They were cool to look at, and interesting from any way i could think about it. Because we artists use our eyes to tell our hands what to do, he takes the hands out of the equation.  But the critics saying that this method is too machine-based are wrong, because he still used his mind and ideas to create it. I don’t believe that the only way to validate art is by it being hand-created.

When Nature Becomes Garbage

Phi Phi Islands 308

Phi Phi Island is an island in the south of Thailand. It is one of Thailand’s attractions. Blue sky and clear crystal clear water—it is a tropical paradise. Although it does have many typhoons (and sometimes tsunami) in the summer, but that fact won’t discourage tourists who seek a paradise that resembles Hawaii but charges only 1/3 of Hawaii’s price.   

Now, tourists bring in business for the locals who live there, which is a good thing. However, many of these tourists have no sense of respect for the place others people live at all. Just look at the picture below!  


When I went to Phi Phi Island 2 summers ago with a friend, this was the site that first greeted us when the ship docked. We had to walk to our hotel on the hill, but on our way, we had to pass through a hill of smelly trash!

I was too beyond upset so I wasn’t able to take pictures, and my friend didn’t want the pictures of an ugly surrounding either. But after we talked to the hotel staffs, we were directed to another beach, about 30 minutes walk away, on the other side of the island—a private beach owned by the other hotels. That beach was absolutely like the first picture, just without the ships.

We questioned the staffs why there was so much trash; their response was that “tourists” and that “you were charged for the trash picked up, yes?”

We said, “Yes, we paid like about 1 dollar each, but still why so much trash?”  

“It can’t be helped. We need workers to tend to customers.”

I think I understood:  their lives are hard so they focus on how to survive more.

But it’s still upsetting to know that the island will eventually be a pile of trash if this keeps up.

A possible solution if the island is closed for a week or so. They can just get bulldozer trucks to pick up the trash along the beach and clear the hill of trash I saw (located further inside). Afterward, they can resume their businesses.

And then enforces a rule that whoever litters the newly clean beach would be fine 100 USD and banned from the island or get jailed in Thailand prison for a few weeks. I heard that Thailand’s prison is no joke, so with this much of strictness, the island can be saved.     


Sources for Pictures


Would the old you be surprised?

Well, the main point of this post is to answer this simple yet complex question. If you looked in the mirror one day and saw a younger you, maybe 5-10 years younger, would he/she be surprised at your current hobbies, interests and how you interact with people today? Would the 11/16 year old version of you light up with delight if they saw you or turn away in shame at some of the things you have done over the years? For me personally, I believe the younger me would sit me down and try to have a discussion about where we were headed. I see him saying “hey bruh, what you on? You been slippin but I can help you get back on track”. I can honestly say that from then till now, I’ve made some choices that I don’t fully regret but looking back I could have thought them through a bit more before acting on them. My younger self would be for the most part surprised but also glad that I became who I am from what I was. I would want to go over everything I could, should, and would have done if I had the chance for a do over or two. I would think he would comment on the company I currently keep, and the caliber of women I’ve been with. I think he would tell me that everything I did wasn’t merely just a right or wrong choice but all apart of whom I am molding myself to be. I would ask him if he’s proud of me and if he thought things would be different. I’m thinking he’s probably going say that I’m cool and I have a lot of friends. I wonder if the conversation will be the same 5-10 years in the future and if I’ll be the one put on the spot. Just something to think about, but don’t think about it too much.

How do you feel on the subject matter at hand?


Who dates who….

Before you read this watch the video.

Dating and Race

So, I really don’t know how to feel. Well, let me stop lying this has upset me greatly. I feel the percentages show were because of the stereotypes that are in the media. Women are portrayed as loud, voicetress and ghetto. Men are just supposed to be bums, drug dealers and men who want nothing better for them selves. I think this is just bs, I’m greatly hurt for my race. Black men wont even date black women and no one wants to date them. I just have no words, it has put a bad taste in my mouth. No one wants to date a black woman either. But, why though, what the reasoning behind. Besides what I spoke up on, what are the facts?! I’m just wondering.

So in my curiosity I looked it up, though there was not much to find, one article believes that racism is still deeply rooted and it just is hard. (the link to the article But that’s only with whites. What of the other races that are involved. Asians and Latino, they want to date white’s as well. I have no problem with this. But who the heck we supposed to date. I don’t maybe I’m just ranting and raving for no reason, but I do feel insulted. Like we not good to date. I feel personally we’re just as innovative, intelligent and hard working as any other race. Again, I say I feel as if this is some true bs.