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Twerk Sumtin Hoe

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In today’s generation Twerking has become the best thing since slice bread to not only just African- Americans but to all races and genders. Let me take you back to the year of 1995 when local New Orleans rappers Mysitkal and Mia X decided to make a strip club banger called “Shake Something” The lyrics read “Go ahead girl, handle your business,Twerk something’ shake sometin’ bring that ass over here.” This to me is what started the Evoloution of Twerking. Artist such as Beyonce, Tyrese, Lil Wayne and many more all started to use the word “Twerk” in their lyrics.

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Ok now I raised to only tweak or shake when you are in the comforts of your own home or with friends but NEVER in public. It’s a popular dancing style and I’m pretty sure most of us have tried to “twerk something” In today’s club scene you’ll see many girls bent over backwards just so you can see how good or how fast they can make their asses go around in a circle, this really baffles me at times. Women and young men have made a living out of twerking and I really don’t understand how you can call something like that a “job” why not strip? That’s basically what people do; twerk to amaze people like strippers right? Only difference is, twerkers have on clothes and sometimes they barley have clothes on. Twerking has gone viral, from twerking in Walmart to Hannah Montanna bending and bussing it open on the VMA’s(smh).
Relating back to my last blog about how as a parent you should monitor what your children are watching or doing, if Derriel is watching mama twerk than eventually Derriel will fall in the footsteps of her mother right? I am not saying we should band twerking but I am saying people can at least tone it down a bit, especially if our younger kids are watching us as close as they are. Besides what man can truly respect a girl who is twerking every weekend in the club? Or the better question is what real woman can respect a man that shakes his ass faster than mine? No ma’am miss Pam that right there honey is for the birds!

Gender ROles

Men and Women are socialized to be different in every way since birth; they are basically pigeonholed into doing and acting a certain way. Men are stereo typically labeled as the providers, i.e. the breadwinners of the family but recent studies have shown that more and more women are taking up the mantle for being the bread winner and sometimes sole provider of income for their respective families. Even with these women providing more for their families over their husbands, somewhere in between the lines it was skewed and there are still high earning women coming home after a long day and still doing all of the housework/chores while their husbands’ unwind. Some women are very anal about how things should be done and since they know they are better at doing housework than their spouses, they take it upon themselves to do it all, all the while wanting some even if it’s just a little help from their husbands. Most women notice that there is a mess right away and proceed to take ownership and clean it up while men just aren’t programmed in the same way. A man will see a mess and move it to one side and go on about his day. Other women do all of the housework because only they notice it needs to be done and only she can do it right the first time, they would rather do it themselves than have a fight and argue over who needs to do housework. Woman are naturally inclined to be care givers and are nurturing, they will put their own interests behind those of others and get the job done how it needs to be. Men and Women are exposed to society from birth and are socialized to the norms and rules of such. We have been taught that mothers should take care of the house no matter what they do in their spare time and fathers should be able to come home to a clean living space with dinner on the table.

What are the norms of your household?

What was the division of labor in your home?

A Very Creepy Halloween

I hosting a Halloween party at my apartment for the first time, and naturally I’ve gone above and beyond with decorations. I went to Walgreens and bought a witch hat that is motion activated that you hang on your door, and every time someone walks by she cackles loudly and says “Happy Halloween”. It’s all very creepy and chilling, but the hat puts me in the Fall and Halloween mood.

Well earlier in the day yesterday she fell from my front door, so I put took her inside to re-tape her to the door later on. Later on comes and goes, and I’ve completely forgotten about putting her back up. I was upstairs in my apartment doing my homework when all of a sudden my witch hat start cackling away! Its almost as if a scratched record was playing.  It was very strange because she is supposed to only laugh when someone walks in front of her, and I was the only one in the apartment! I was caught off gaurd by her laugh so I sat still for a while, partly to make sure i wasn’t hallucinating and partly because I was afraid. I slowly walked downstairs and checked to see if my door was locked, which it was. Then I set my attention to the witch hat. I slowly walked over to the hat and picked it up. I could find nothing wrong with it. I couldn’t understand why she was laughing uncontrollably!

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a ghost in the apartment. I will make it a female, and name her Tabitha. haha.

Happy Halloween :)

While sitting down trying to figure out my next topic, I thought about the language I use on a regular day basis. My question is,” Does the daily language one chooses to use effect the image that people have of you?”

Take for instance, I curse, a lot. That doesn’t make me any less intelligent, but it may cause people to see me as common. It may even lead people to have the belief that I’m an angry person depending on how much negative language I am using at the time. My conversation’s with some friends may even get out of hand but they remain in private.

I always have also felt that some conversations shouldn’t be held at certain place or certain times. If a group of individuals do choose to have that conversation, they should do it discreetly. An example that I always use or refer back happened about two years ago. I was walking past some freshmen by admin and they were loud. I was quickly annoyed because they were so loud and rumbustious that I lost my train of thought. To add to the effect they were discussing sex. One of the females was talking about the guy she was seeing genitals, and I thought it was just so inappropriate that I, a complete stranger, should not have been hearing about her sex life. I quickly assumed she, a. a slut, b. a dumb freshmen or c. both. I just was out done.

What do you guys think?

Are we mindful of our appearance?

Style of dress has always been a consistent argument of what is appropriate and what is not appropriate.  I find myself questioning my peer’s majority of the time in my mind. The question usually is “Did you walk pass the mirror this morning, or did you just not care about you’re appearance. I admit as college students we are busy people and we try making it as comfortable as possible to make it through a day. I, myself, will wear flip-flops on a daily basis, because it’s easy to slip them on as I’m walking out the door in the morning.

Though it seems to me, people just make it look like its apart of the trend. Its apart of the trend for young men, to purposely, adjusts their pants to sit directly below they’re bottom. I mean the occasional sag and you pull them back up because you forgot to put your belt is one thing. But to purposely sag your pant and show off your underwear is just tacky. It doesn’t make it better that you put on basketball short under your jeans either. Cause’ all I wonder is wouldn’t it just be simpler if you put a belt on and didn’t sag. Furthermore, all those clothes don’t make anybody hot?

Young women and these tights, this trend has gotten out of hand. Tights were originally styled to be put on under skirts that were too high. They were meant to be worn as leggings also during cooler months. But I think it’s gotten out of hand when I go to a job interview and a girl has on tights with a blouse. Did she dress to be cute or be professional? Tights to me don’t do anything but show off the physique of a woman, and that if they have a physique to show off. This is not to be offensive, but some girls do not dress for their body. Some girl’s don’t even pay attention to how it fit certain parts of their body.

As young people seeking a higher education, shouldn’t we have sense of duty to carry ourselves in such a manner that does not give people a reason to pre-judge us? At the college level, yes maybe some freshmen need to be taught. Even some sophomores, have yet to get it. But by time you’re a junior or senior, your mind frame should be on how you want people to see you. The real world is getting close and you never know who you end up meeting. Do you really want to lose a potential job cause of tights and the fact that you have your butt hanging out?

How do you feel about Rap Music?

Hip Hop has been a major musical genre in the United States spawning some of the world’s best-selling artist like Tupac, Jay-z, Eminem and Kanye West. This Genre was introduced in the late 1970’s as a form of story-telling like the blues or country music, it wasn’t until the earl 1980’s did hip hop receive it’s sort of rhyming and “word play” attribution. Hip Hop began to blossom in the 1980’s with act’s like Run DMC and Kool Moe D merging their music with already popular genres, rock and r and b. In the late 1980’s rap began to take a turn towards a more violent and misogynistic turn with the introduction of “west coast” rap which include artist like Ice Cube, Snoop Dog and Ice Tea.

In the 1990’s Hip Hop or not the more preferred term “rap” boomed many female rappers also staked their claim on the rap industry like Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. Hip Hop by this had received a negative image. The language in rap music could be described as “vulgar and obscene”. In the 2000’s hip hop music kept this conception and while many don’t let their children listen to rap music some simply see it as a freedom of expression.

My experiences with rap music have been good experiences. I was brought up on this type of music and was raced in some of the same environments as some of these people therefor I understand the music and can relate to some of the music. I feel that those who shun rap music are those that do not understand and may just see it as “ranting or raving.” Hip Hop or as what some may refer to as rap is growing in popularity. How do you feel about rap music and would you let your child listen to it? Also do you feel that rap music has gotten away from its’ roots?

Tatt’ed Up

On my off time, if I’m home and bored I usually browse through forums and comment on random things that interest me. I mean that is the purpose of web browsing at some point. I digress; the topic at hand was facial tattoos. Something that I don’t totally agree with doing, I not saying I don’t have tattoos, but no one knows where they are. You have too many things to worry about with comes to making brand.

I am all for being an individual. I have five piercings, gone blond and tattoos. However, most of those things have changed as I become of age and aware of the public eye which essentially makes the name I will have. I never understand why young men and women get all those tattoos up and down their arms, it makes me wonder do they even want a future to look forward too.

Young women do have the option to put the make-up on and cover it up. But to what extent must you use the entire case of foundation. It to me gives me an opinion about you before you even open your mouth. It sounds bad, but as humans most do pre-judge people before they have a conversation with that individual.

Young men, I don’t even see the point of explaining what could be done. Long sleeve shirts and pants are you friend, but the tattoos extend in to hand and so on now-a-days. Make-up probably wouldn’t even be offered to a male, because one may worry about offending them. The make-up would help for those facial tattoos, but the individual wouldn’t want to demasculinize himself.

So I feel the easy solution to this problem would be to follow the general rule. Keep all your tattoos made by concealed.

Drugs effecting youth

There are many discussions taking place about what is currently disabling our society. More specifically the African American community. Subsequently, drugs play a significant role in many African American communities. It’s impact, however is of negative influence. The circulation of drugs has been noted as one of the many things hindering communities, more specifically, aiding young African American males embark on a path of delinquent behavior. These illegal drugs have been introduced to these communities and have began to create a cycle of consistent drug abuse. These young males are abusing the drugs themselves or have created an occupation out of the distribution of them. These substances consist of, and are not limited to, marijuana, crack cocaine, and others such as heroin etc. The distribution of narcotics is what generally leads young African American males into the juvenile justice system early on. Juveniles abusing drugs has also taking a plaque on the community. Research shows that 1.9 million of 2.4 million juvenile arrests had substance abuse and addiction involvement and that only 68,600 juveniles receive substance abuse treatment. Amongst these juveniles more the half are African Americans.
Drugs are furthermore tainting our youth. Aiding them in not being ale to become or being to mature into there greatest potential of themselves. The biggest problem is the access that the youth have to get drugs and participate in drug related activities. Something need to be done. How is it that are youth are single handedly becoming the most noted drug abusers. This is not only drastically effecting the African American community, but the entire youth population.

How do we begin to attack this problem?
How do we help reconstruct and rehabilitate troubled youth whose been affected by drugs?

Football: An Attempt at an Unbiased Purely Logical Approach( God Help Us All)

I was born and raised in Alabama an Alabama Crimson Tide fan. As such two things are certain. First I will always root for the Alabama Crimson Tide over any other team in all sports especially football. Second, Auburn University could burn and I would gleefully watch. With this being said I believe that the Southeastern Conference is the best conference in college football. This i feel is the logical conclusion that must be reached if you look at the simple facts.

First let’s look at the pure and utter dominance that the SEC has racked up in the last 15 years. For the sake of the argument we will disregard ALL NCAA sanctioned vacated wins. So yes University of Southern California and Reggie Bush we fully acknowledge your win in 2005 over Oklahoma. Since the inception of the Bowl Championship Series in the 1998 season culminating in the 1999 Fiesta Bowl in which the University of Tennessee (SEC East) won the SEC has won 9 of the 15 BCS championships racking up a 9-1 record with the lone loss being Louisiana State University ( SEC West) in 2012 against the Alabama Crimson Tide (SEC West) which in the interest of full disclosure tied that seasons series 1-1 between the two because of an Alabama loss earlier in the year.Furthermore the SEC currently searching to cap off the BCS era continuing the current streak of 7 straight with a win in the final year before switching to an playoff template.

Other than the obvious championship argument the SEC consistently is able to send players to the National Football League. The Big 10 has the most players in the NFL Hall of Fame however the second most is a tie between the Atlantic Coastal Conference and the SEC. However the SEC has produced 401 total draft picks including 75 first round picks. this includes the newly added schools Texas A&M University and University of Missouri. Interestingly enough that works out to 15% of the total draft picks in that period. Further the two teams with the most SEC draftees are the Cincinnati Bengals and the Atlanta Falcons, with 15, who are both teams consistently in the conversation to make the playoffs.(Well not as much then Bengals but they haven’t had a solid quarterback in a while).Also worth mentioning is that with 19 the New England Patriots consistently draft SEC talent. The teams with the least amount of SEC draftees are my own New York Jets, as well as the Jacksonville Jaguars and Detroit Lions.

The above facts are sufficient to prove the SEC’s dominance clearly, logically and without bias.

AC Transit Strike

For the past several months, Oakland, California union workers have been threatening to go on strike unless the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit comes to a arbitration. All attempted solutions have been rejected and led to an unwary public. If the union were to be successful in striking, Governor Jerry Brown said, “a strike will if permitted to occur, significantly disrupt public transportation services and endanger the public’s health, safety or welfare. AC transit is responsible for an estimated 200,000 bus rides in both Contra Costa and Almeda counties. They have reached an agreement with the union on two separate previous occasions with the most recent one being on October 1st. In efforts to cease increased tension and problems they’ve offered employees a 9.5 percent salary increase over a three year time span. Management of AC transit claims the offer would grant an average salary increase of $5,529 annually. But workers would be responsible for the payments of specified portions of their health insurance premiums.Leaders of the union failed to accept the proposal because strikers medical costs would be to high.

transit strike

Responding to the possibility of a strike the AC Transit Spokesperson, Clarence Johnson said,” We ere hoping we would be in this position.” Similar incidents have occurred with transit systems such as BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). The strike led to a major congested Bay Area. During the strike the alternative methods suggested for travel were the AC Transit, SF Bay Ferry, and carpooling. Since the threats commenced the AC Transit has lost more than 7 percent of its expected rider count which equivocates to roughly $315,000 in fare revenue.