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Too Big to Fail: The Story of the Wall Street Bailout

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Located in New York, Wall Street contains some of the wealthiest banks and investment companies in the world. The entire economy is reliant on the stability of these companies in order to keep this country afloat. However, during 2008, the United States took a major blow and the movie “Too Big to Fail” focuses on precisely this.

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The average American citizen dreams of owning their own home and creating a steady environment for their family. In order to reach that dream, many Americans took out loans in order to afford the house that they desired. However, many of them could not afford to continue to pay on a house that required more than what they would make annually. Because of this, more and more homes went into foreclosure and the banks were forced to pay for majority of the costs of the houses and sell them for cheap. As this cycle continued the economy began to unfold and the banks became bankrupt. It was said that if the congress did not agree to the bailout, this country would go into a depression that would be worse that the great depression of the 1930’s. The average citizen would no longer be able to borrow money to invest in businesses or buy homes or a car. The economy would self-destruct.

In order to fix this, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act was passed in 2008, that allowed the United States Secretary of Treasury to distribute $700 billion dollars between the banks so that they would have money to loan out to citizens and the economy would be able to flourish again. The agreement is that the government would become part owner of these companies and that each company would have to pay the government back. However, the end result of the bailout was that citizens continued to loose their houses and cars and money investments because the banks accumulated their money and kept it instead of loaning it out again. This is why 1% of the country’s population is considered to be the richest people. To this day, only one of the many banks has paid the government back.

How I View Myself

I would like to look at myself as a woman, not an African woman. I believe that Africa is beautiful and the thought of my ancestors originating there is amazing. However, I have no close ties to Africa anymore and I know nothing about my family past three generations. The disconnect from my African roots is evident, however I know that the way I view myself is not because of this. I do not feel that my race is something that I should have to think about every day.  My daily decisions should not be concentrated on the fact that I am an African but that I am simply a woman. My wants and needs may be no different or similar to the next woman, no matter what race they are. The space that I am in now is one that requires a lot of forethought. The professional decisions I make now will affect my adult life forever. I spend a lot of time debating on what schools I should go to, what concentration in my field I would like to enter, whether or not I will need a job, and where I will live. These are my goals, and are very important to me. Looking at myself as an African woman in every situation, with every choice I make is unnecessary. Certain choices do need culture recognition, like going to a majority white school, or working with all white people. However, when functioning through my daily life I am a woman.  I also tend to think mainly about what is necessary for me to succeed and what I want to do and how I can thrive, rather than how we as Black can thrive. I’ve recently learned that individualism is a European perspective, however, the world that we live in today is ruthless and unkind, and trying to work for the betterment of a whole race is somewhat impossible. I need to work to provide a good life for myself because unfortunately most people will not help me, including my brothers and sisters.

My Eating Habits Must Change!

First of all, I’ve eaten whatever and whenever I wanted since I was a young kid. I’ve played volleyball since 6th grade and just recently stopped my freshman year in college. During that time I literally grubbed my life away. It sounds kind of glutenous but it wasn’t that bad, I just enjoyed whatever I wanted and didn’t think about the effects it would have on me because my body looked great, I never gained weight, and I was just having fun. Well now, everything I eat is sticking to me, and it sucks! My volleyball days are over, and I need to learn to eat like a normal human being. My reasons are not just physical. I cant help but think about all the horrible things that are in the best tasting foods, and I just imagine it clogging up my system. Not to mention my pores!

Lately I have been running more, and eating nothing but salad. I hate running and frankly I suck at it, so I’ve crossed that out of my list of to-do’s. My objective is just to become healthy, and eventually not want to eat all the things that are so bad for me. Maybe once in a while I can indulge but definately not on the regular. And that fact that Dillard University is so close to Popeyes definately doesn’t help me out at all. So, instead of frying the chicken I’ve been baking it, along with fish. I’ve been eating plenty of veggies and taking in plenty of protein.

This wil be my third attempt at a healthier lifestyle. I’ve switched some things up that I feel may have gotten me of track, so hopefully thins time will stick. So wish me luck!

Post College For An Art Major

(Discretion Advised: Rash Language, Pleighbaw/Pleigh-Guhh)

   After college I’d like to go to grad school. And if that doesn’t work out as soon as i’d like it to, I’m planning to open an art supply store in the gentilly area to service local artists and students from Dillard, UNO, SUNO, etc. seeing as there are none presently in the area. I’d like to continue working as an artist but I gotta get outta my folks crib without working at some bullshit job with a Bachelor’s degree. So if I gotta open a supply shop to live, I’ll make sure to save some space in the shop to use as my studio and just get it how I live, pleighbaw. Straight up, bruh. Over the last two and a half years of teaching i’ve discovered that I just aint got the patience to teach art to no ignorant-ass students that are uninterested. All I could think about was how much I’d rather be working on my own pieces instead of letting my mind idle to show lil Tyrone how to craft some “lil art shit” right quick. Hell naw, man! I’m more than that.

    I’m looking into UNLV, FSU, NYU, OTIS, Louisville, Penland School of the Arts, and Tennessee State grad school programs. And so far, UNLV is looking real good. The area itself is bustling with entertainment traffic, and entertainers are the people that i want to see my work. And the facilities look pretty badass too. That being said, These grad schools wont even bat a blind eye at some last minute throw together lackluster work, so I’ve been taking my time to research, study, experiment, and most importantly, work on the pieces that I’ve been working on and hope and pray that I’m good enough.

The “Oiliest” Civilization

In Basil Gelpke and Ray McCormack’s film, “A Crude Awakening”, they claim that our addiction to oil will eventually spark our own apocalypse. Gelpke and McCormack support this claim by showing the film’s viewers how heavily the human race relies on fossil fuels, along with intense, real-life images of once prosperous oilfields in their present and desolate forms. Grueling images of major oil producers in Venezuela, Texas, and even Kuwait are shown in a then-and-now fashion to remind the viewers of our rapid oil consumption. Simultaneously, an orchestra plays music with intentions to personify a catastrophe, signified by the music’s use of deep swells and low tones and overall downbeat tempo. This music is another way to connect with the viewer in pathos, or emotional appeal, and sets the mood for the terrible predictions being stated by some of the world’s top physicians that our oil supply is scarcer than we’d like to believe. The film even cites an incorrect but important prediction by the late Dr. M. King Hubbert, that “the world’s oil supply would be depleted in 10-15 years” (Hubbert, Dr. M. King, 1975) from the year 1975. The film indicates that the only nation that hasn’t peaked in oil production is the Middle East, and that is the reason for our war.

In Basil Gelpke and Ray McCormack’s film, “A Crude Awakening”, they lay tons of evidence on the table to educate the viewers of how real the oil crash will be. Using philosophies of the past, such as Dr. M. King Hubbert’s peak theory and comparing them with today’s realities to reveal that those same theorists were a bit exaggerative, but they were on to something. Anyone would suspect that we are running out of oil if prices keep rising, and the markets are hastily searching for alternative fuels, and they wouldn’t be doing that if oil was unlimited. The writers of the film let the evidence speak for itself, eliminating a need for credentials and give the reader the raw truth, and backing up the research with actual physicists and geophysicists’ contributions of their own research. It all makes sense, and they make sure of it. The message in this film is an eye-opener to many, in almost worldwide proportions, but the main audience is the people who disregard the fact that oil is a finite commodity. With the luxuries that oil provides, such as cars, air conditioning, plastics, almost everything that that we rely on so heavily, our comfort zones would be destroyed if we deplete it all. But, it wouldn’t exactly mean an apocalypse because as us being human beings, the most adaptable species, we would surely perceive it as another challenge and get along the best way we can, until we discover an alternative power source. The film provides a great rebuttal, or counter-argument, to the possibilities of alternative fuels such as bio-fuels, by stating that the energy required to produce them is more than the production itself. I agree with Gelpke and McCormack that we are in serious trouble unless we find an alternative energy supply that could equal petroleum. But it seems unlikely as our resources are limited in terms of combustible elements necessary to power our machines. The movie made me reconsider our entire thought process towards mechanical forms of power, because they are all limited to a certain extent. I even thought of a magnetic powered engine that mimics the internal combustion engine but uses sequential magnetic repulsion to rotate the pistons instead of a gasoline explosion. An engine like that would satisfy our needs, but only momentarily, as it wouldn’t burn any gas but it’s still a feeble idea compared to what we, as humans, are capable of thinking of. In the film, the guy being pulled by the horse remarks, “It’s something about these horses. they’re alive, you know?”. And that brings me to thinking about if our transportation had a mind of its own, and not limited to cycles and routines. It would seem that we would have to revert back to rural lifestyles and use animals as our power source, but then that’d be looking backwards. But it’s still a giant step ahead of the oil with all of its handicaps, as living organisms are not limited and can only be endangered or scarce if they are outclassed and forced out of their habitat by pollutants. But I’m confident that we’ll find something sooner or later.

To accept or not to online pals’ meeting request?

Would you ever meet an online friend in real life?

I have this blog online for the past few years or so. My blog covers like almost everything under the sun. I don’t give away too much personal information, just that I’m a girl who loves art and things and stuff. I even have an alias, and I’m assuming they are doing the same. On my blog I have met interesting people and we get along pretty well, considering I can go on for hours with them people through IRC just going on from topic to topics. While this isn’t the first time I was asked to meet up with them in person, but I’m really thinking about this meeting since it’s a group meeting instead of a one-to-one like those other offers. The time is this coming summer and the place is Osaka, Japan. This came up after I mentioned that I would be traveling with friends from childhood to Japan for 2 weeks before spending the rest of the summer touring other Asian countries on a tour group—a graduation gift from my parents.

I’m thinking that it would be okay since some of my traveling companions are guys, and as long as I don’t go alone with any of these people I know online, I should be okay. But I told my best friend (who will be traveling with me too) about it and he looked at me like… (insert a stare down like that of parents vs children here)…. I know that he will be coming with me if I keep begging for it, but the truth is I really don’t know if I really want to go through with all this craziness. My other friends are okay with this; they actually want to meet those people…

It could be dangerous, these online people might be actual perverts or in the human trafficking business people keep telling me about. But what if they turn out to be fun and just like how they are when we talk online? I would really be missing out. Since one of them people is a resident of Osaka, she will be our tour guide too, seeing how she is interested in meeting Americans to try out her English.

I still don’t know. It won’t happen until May of 2014, so I will have plenty of time to think, I guess.

Would you propose?

Today, i was watching the Love and Hip Hop marathon. There is a lot to be said about reality tv shows already. The incident that peeked my intreats was when Jim Jones’s girl friend Chrissy, proposes to him. Now, i know we live in the 21st century and all, but that was something that  i could not fathem myself doing. Not simply because i feel that it is the man responsibility to do the proposal, but for a number a reason. Number one would be, i would feel as if im making the decision for us. i believe that a man will proposal when HE feels he is ready for that next step. Since it is known that women mature faster then men, what if im ready and he’s not. This brings me to point number two. What if he says no? That would utilmatly crush someone, male or female. However, i feel as if it is highly more likely for a man to reject a woman’s proposal. Which brings me to number three, a man can become threaten by a woman proposal. It can be perceived a lot of ways. “He was taking too long”, “he did not have the nerve”, these are the thoughts that crossed my mind while watching the episode, so i can only imagine those of the man. this may not be a huge controversy, but it is interesting to see how the roles of woman are still changing today. Not only are woman continuing to be the head of their households, but it is evident that they are also  taking the leadership roles in their relationships. i do not think women should not have the option to propose to their loved ones. Times are most certainly changing. what do you think?

How do you feel about women proposing?

Ladies, would you propose?

Gentlemen, how would you feel if a woman proposed to you? would you accept?

Lightskin Vs Darkskin

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Today I bring to you all a serious, albeit humorous look at one of the black community’s biggest problems which is self hate. Even though we are all black people as one some have taken it to a whole different degree and separated us even more by being classified as light skin or dark skin. My generation in particular has taken these two terms and made the problem more worse than it could be. It has gotten to the point where some light skin people wont talk to dark skin people and vice versa because both sides feel superior to the other. We have taken it and put a comedic light on it and left it there to entertain the masses on social media and the ilk. I believe that it isn’t too late to rectify the wrong we have done to ourselves but in order to do that we must first stop glamorizing the things that set our people back. We must first shed the immature skin that so many people have put up and end this personal injustice that our own have accosted us with. Even though it is bad enough that you see light skin this and dark skin that, they like to show our people in the most uncompromising of situations so we have no other choice but to look bad. I would agree that most people see it as young black people joking around like they usually do, since we seem to be cool as cucumbers or as some would say” cool as a ceiling fan”. I did not want this to sound like a rant because it is surely not, I just wanted to get these thoughts out you young black people and Cali(sp?)

One Love.

Are you #teamlightskin or #teamdarkskin?

How do you feel about the lightskin v dark skin controversy?

What can we do to stop this?


Sacrifice is Important

A relationship involving two people cannot be selfish if the two people want to be a successful couple. Equal sacrifices have to be made by both people in the relationship for it to grow and survive. There must be some sacrifices made by the mother and father in order for a strong and
stable family bond.  All relationships endure hardships, the things that make or break the relationship is how the issue is handled. Everyone has his or her own idea of what it takes to create the best family. Some believe the individuals have to sacrifice for the whole family, while others believe sacrifice will eventually tear the family apart. I believe the sacrifices made by the mother and father will not only build a better bond, but also, ‘build’ a better child. In my own life I hope to endeavor moments where my wife and I do not agree, but we can come to a compromise through equal sacrifice.Things happen in life that causes people to stress. Stress is a killer and if it’s not handled right it will murder your soul and anyone around you. Building “that” bond with “that” right person only seems like the right thing to do. The process of going about that is a totally different and rougher story. Only you know what qualities you would want your future girlfriend/boyfriend to have. “Till death do us part” and “for better or for worse” is only meaningful when you those words are taken seriously. I support the idea of sacrifice because it shows how much a person is willing to have your back and take care of you knowing you will do the same in return and not in vain. The value of family is important and weight that concepts holds is heavier than what most of us can only observe at home or on television.

do the cons of the HPV vaccine outweigh the pros?


Young girls have many issues I today’s society many of them being social, mental and with their health. Human Papillomavirus is one of the most common sources of sexually transmitted infections and with over 40 forms HPV the symptoms can sometimes be severe and deadly. Human papillomavirus may cause many issues like warts on the genitals and throat ad cervical cancer. Because HPV is dangerous many individuals have been trying encourage young women to take the vaccine in recent times the HPV vaccine have been given to younger girls, sometimes 12 and 13 years old. One issue with the HPV vaccine being mandatory for young girls is that tax payer dollars would have to cover the cost in a nation that is already in debt. There have been complications in these younger girls that have caused them to become infertile or sometimes inhabit mental disabilities. Young children should not be given the human papillomavirus because it causes many issues, the odds of complications happening may be slim but the risk heavily outweighs the positive aspects of the shot.

The HPV vaccine can cause many issues but the risk depends on the brand of vaccine a person uses. Cervarix is a vaccine that is used around the world and has side effects that may not be deadly but if used in young girls the side effects may be severe. If cervarix is used there is a chance that pain and swelling can occur after the initial shot. There is also a chance that patients can get a fever of 99.5, headaches and fatigue are also common. Other patients have experience nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain as well as muscle or joint pain. Gardasil is another HPV vaccine that causes issues in its patients. People who have taken Gardasil have reported puffiness and redness where the spot was given, mild to moderate fevers and severe headaches. More severe side effects of Gardasil are fainting spells or sometimes “seizure like” spells. There are more than a 2/3 chance of these things happening in patients who take these shots.

How do you feel about the HPV vaccine, is it work the risks to get it?